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DJ, Live Band, or Friend with an iPod?

Deciding which kind of music to have for a wedding reception is a difficult choice because there are so many fun options! Everyone knows that the most exciting part of weddings, besides the first kiss, is dancing with the newlyweds. Here are a few options to consider to get your guests on their feet!

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Booking a DJ

A DJ can bring tons of great energy to your wedding! These are some of the many positive aspects of booking a DJ:

  • Many DJ’s bring their own decoration, lighting, and sound equipment
  • DJ’s can stick to a specific genre or playlist that you create for them!
  • They can talk as much or as little as you would like them to
  • You won’t have to worry about someone goofing up playing your special songs
  • Hate that one pop song? Add it to your “Do Not Play List”


Live Band
Tunisia Band is one of the best around! Also based in Denver, Tunisia Band is a fabulous, high energy band with a great range of musical style! 


Booking a Live Band

There is nothing like the vibe of dancing to a live band. If you have reservations about booking a live act, consider all of these positives!

  • It can be incredibly romantic to dance to your favorite slow song played live
  • Many bands can cover various different genres!
  • Most all live bands bring all the equipment they need
  • Jazz? Rock? Cover band? Strings? You can choose a band based on what music you like best!
  • You can pick as large or as small of a band as you like

Friend with an iPod

Of course there is always the option of deciding to have a friend M.C. and control your playlist. The biggest positive with this option is, of course, that you completely control the music! If you do choose this option you will have to keep in mind that you still need to rent a sound system and choose someone who will not abuse your bar on the wedding night.


Whichever option you decide, be sure to base your decision on what will set you up to have the time of your life! You won’t regret it when your wedding photos reflect everyone having a grand time!