Ten Excellent Bachelorette Party Ideas

Some brides cringe at the idea of having a raunchy party thrown in their honor. Although it is often the bachelorette party tradition to embarrass the bride with dirty gifts, there are infinite amounts of other fun activities to celebrate the bride! Here are ten ideas to keep it classy.

This bachelorette fiesta spread is so darling!

1- Hot Springs

“Glamping” is a fantastic idea to get everyone bonding! Bring s’mores and good campfire girl talk for a great time celebrating in nature. There are plenty of outdoors activities, such as hot springs! In Colorado, the mountains and bubbly, warm water are only a drive away.

2- Road Trip

Take a road trip with the ladies! You can book a hotel and scout out some fun bars and restaurants, then head back to the hotel for champagne and pillow fights! Make an upbeat woman-power playlist and sing on the road with your bests. You can go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or go to a random city nearby.

3- Lingerie Party

Instead of a bachelorette party, throw a lingerie party and have family and friends buy her fun things for her honeymoon!

4- Attire Themed

Throw a home party, but have your guests dress up in a fabric that she loves! Ask them to wear velvet, animal print, lace, or any other fun fabric that you can party in.

5- Piano Bar

A piano bar is an excellent idea if she wants to invite her mother or future mother-in-law. This party will be mild, but so much fun listening to jazz or classy music while having nice drinks with everyone she loves.

6- Wine Tasting/ Distillery Tour

Wine tasting is a great way to get everyone loosened up for a bachelorette party. If the bride has a favorite beer or liquor, you can also book a private distillery tour!

7- Before You’re Married Bucket List

Make a list of things that the bride has never done before and try to knock some of them off the list! Maybe she has never karaoke’d before or never jumped into a pool with her clothes on. You can plan a wild night full of great first experiences for her to remember.

8- Pool Party

Make a great poolside playlist and blow up some inflatable donuts! A bachelorette pool party is the ultimate chill way to celebrate! There are plenty of fun poolside foods and drinks to nosh on, while working on a tan. Just make sure to bring sunscreen for the bride!

9- Fondue Party

Who doesn’t love cheese and chocolate! Dress up and bring various chocolates to dip fruit and delicious snacks.

10- Take a Class

Take a cooking or cocktail making class! The class will be useful for future hosting and married life, and will also be a delicious way to spend a night together.