Smart Ways to Save on Your Venue!

If you are flexible with your venue, you can save big money on booking a venue for your wedding day. Unless you have a dream location that you MUST get married at, you have plenty of options to slice your venue bill. Plus, Gold Calendar makes searching for venues a piece of cake! When browsing venues, you can narrow your search to fit your number of guests, your budget, or view flexible pricing days for venues! Take a look at these other helpful tips!

Choose a Sunday or a weekday. You could end up saving thousands of dollars just by picking a day other than Friday or Saturday! Those are the most popular days, so prices meet those demands. Getting married on a Tuesday or Wednesday might mean that your guests will not party as late, but you will end up with lots of money left over to put into catering or decoration or even your honeymoon! If you are already having an untraditional wedding, get married in the morning or afternoon! You will be sure to save at least a thousand dollars or so just by picking a less popular time.

Choose a venue that allows you to pick your own vendors. Many venues have contracts with catering, floral, or decorating companies. Although the recommendations from venues are very helpful, if you choose a venue that does not have contracted vendors you could end up saving thousands on food or decor. Imagine if you were able to buy all your own alcohol, choose your own catering company, and pick your own DJ according to your budget. When searching for venues, be sure to look into their required vendors if they have any, so you can factor them into your budget.

Choose a venue that is already beautiful. By choosing a venue that does not need heavy decor, you could save hundreds of dollars on florals or wedding props. If you choose to have your ceremony in a church, or a botanical garden, chances are that you may not need many decorations to brighten it up. Cozy, rustic venues, such as the Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park are already stunning on their own! Add a few floral arrangements and accent pieces and you already have a stunning reception or ceremony room!

The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is such a beautiful venue!
The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is such a beautiful venue, and needs minimal decoration to liven it up! Check out those huge stained glass windows to let in all the fresh, natural light!

Don’t rush it! If you take your time planning your wedding you are less likely to make hasty decisions. Take the time to do research and tour different locations. Plus, if you book far in advance, you will avoid the prices skyrocketing closer to your wedding date.

Have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Having your ceremony and reception in the same place makes it easy to transport flower arrangements so you can save on not buying flowers for each location. You can also save on transportation costs, since you will not have to drive the bridal party from the ceremony to the reception in between taking photos. Blanc is a spacious, urban venue that is naturally beautiful and has plenty of rooms for cocktail hour, the ceremony, the reception, and an outdoor space as well!

We love that Blanc in Denver has the space for both ceremonies and receptions!
We love that Blanc in Denver has the space for both ceremonies and receptions!

The venue is one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding, which means it is one of the biggest ways to save! Don’t forget to take a look at the filters that Gold Calendar offers to narrow your searches by price and flexible pricing!