Five Gift Ideas for Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

Get your future husband hyped up on your wedding day with one of these five gifts! He’ll be smiling from ear to ear when he opens a remarkable present from his bride on his wedding day.


1- Flask

An engraved flask is a wonderful way to tease him about wedding jitters. Throwing a ceremony for so many people and interacting with every person in your family can feel overwhelming. Even if it is the most wonderful day in your relationship! There are many companies that engrave custom flasks. You can have a darling message engraved on it, or just have his name and the date of your wedding engraved!


2- Watch/ Cufflinks

Customizing a watch or cufflinks is a great gift that your future husband can keep forever as a memory of your wedding. Many watches can be engraved on the back, which means that you can send him a cute message on the back of the watch. Cufflinks can similarly be customized, and they are a fun and classy accessory for your groom to wear on the aisle.


3- Boudoir Album

We love these whimsical and soft boudoir photos by Emily Sacco!
We love these whimsical and soft boudoir photos by Emily Sacco!

If you feel comfortable with a boudoir shoot, a boudoir album is a great way to get your future husband excited to walk down the aisle. It is an intimate gift, and many wedding photographers can also help you plan the perfect boudoir setting and style to match your personality. Emily Sacco takes elegant and classy boudoir photos that truly compliment each women’s unique femininity.

4- Shot his favorite whiskey

Send your man some shooters! You can attach a sweet note to the top of a small glass shot of whiskey or his favorite alcohol to add a personal touch. Chances are, you’re both equally nervous to be the center of attention all day.

5- Breakfast


This bride created a delightful breakfast spread for her groom and his groomsman. Look at those pastries!

Many couples don’t get a chance to eat much on their wedding day because of their busy schedule. Making your man and his groomsmen a breakfast spread in the morning is a lovely way to make him smile and make sure he has energy for the day! Does he love cinnamon rolls or biscuits? Easy! Order some to be sent to his room in the morning!