Keep That Love Alive!

Planning a wedding is stressful. It is likely the most extravagant event that you will plan and you are merging two, potentially very different, families! You and your partner may be talking about your finances for the first time, or you may be sifting through some heavy things in pre-marital counseling. There is no getting around the trial-by-fire stage of your relationship that is the engagement. However! Planning your wedding brings you intimately closer to your partner, especially if you protect your relationship from the external stressors! Here are four little tips to keep the love growing!

Feeling the love in this engagement session by Sara Hasstedt!
Feeling the love in this engagement session by Sara Hasstedt!

Date Night!

Planning a weekly date night to escape talking about wedding planning is by far the most commonly given advice to newly engaged couples. Be intentional about your time together! Netflix and chill might sound like a relaxing idea after a long day of planning and emails, but be sure to leave time for listening and talking. Here are some fun ways to carve out time together:

  • Try making a new, fun meal together
  • Make a night thematic, by coordinating your activity and a fun food
  • Go dancing! Or put a record on the player!
  • Take a long drive
  • Picnic or bike around a park


Reframe mundane things to be passionate and lighthearted.

Choosing linens and chair styles for your reception will likely not be the most fun activity. But there are plenty of things you can make more lighthearted and personalized so the planning is more passionate and enjoyable! Try playing bartender by experimenting with signature cocktails together if you are having a bar at the reception. Or take dance lessons if you want to impress people for your first dance together! Instead of letting someone else make your slideshow for the rehearsal or ceremony, sift through your photos and favorite memories together.


Make time for laughter in the sun and time with your darling.
Make time for laughter in the sun and time with your darling. || Photo by Tara Bielecki 

Place a lot of emphasis on planning the honeymoon!

Let’s be real. Planning your honeymoon is infinitely more fun than planning your wedding. By making honeymoon plans a priority, you are relieving stress by imagining your first carefree and love-filled trip together as a married couple! Your heart will swell when you imagine sandy beaches or mountainscapes to enjoy side-by-side.

It’s the little things.

Kindness is the glue that keeps relationships together. The little things that you do for each other throughout the engagement will keep your heart warm. There are many ways to show affection during a time of stress. Written notes or small letters connect you to your partner and remind each other why you are going through the crazy process of putting deposits down on photographers and barns.


Check out Tara Bielecki  and Sara Hasstedt on Gold Calendar for your engagement photos! They are incredibly sweet and incredibly talented. Both photographers have a great eye for catching those endearing glances and affectionate in-between moments.