A Brand We Love! Interview with Hitch & Sparrow

We have been so inspired by wedding photographers, Hitch & Sparrow, for quite a while. Their brand breathes authenticity, which is often a rare find when complimented with stunning, luxury photography. It is obvious from the joyous, gorgeous photos they capture, that honoring the love between the married couple comes first in their work.  We are so glad that Anthony Barlich, one-third of Hitch & Sparrow, agreed to speak about their brand in his own words!
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1- Can you share Hitch & Sparrow’s story? 
Long before I ever considered being a wedding photographer, let alone photographing a wedding, I had a few friends who persistently asked if I would do such a thing. I realized after my first that this was clearly nothing that I wanted to do alone. Sometime after my initial taste of wedding photography, I met my dear friend and co-founder, Brad. We partnered up, developed our brand’s style, approach (more on this below!) and thankfully realized that our values aligned perfectly with what we dreamed Hitch & Sparrow would become. Over the years we’ve been fine tuning our approach. We’re heavily focused on a wonderful day-of experience and constantly pushing the envelope of traditional coverage. After a few years, my wife — Laura joined the team and has become our go-to third shooter and occasional second shooter/assistant. Her preferred role is floating as a third, capturing details, candids and everything in-between. Our dream team scenario is the three of us, it always makes for the most in-depth coverage and a absolute blast in regards to our experience. Hang out with my best friends and make beautiful photographs? Yes, please.
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2- What makes Hitch & Sparrow unique from other wedding photographers?
I really believe our approach is unique, especially the longer we’ve been in the wedding industry. We’ve always had a strong emphasis on providing lighting and shooting at a higher level of difficulty. In an industry that’s overwhelmingly saturated in “natural light” photographers, we’ve chosen to break the mold and allow ambient light to have a place in our images but not limit us to where and what we can shoot. In lighting our subjects we have the incredible ability to shoot the same quality of image, and stay consistent with our aesthetic, regardless of location, weather or circumstance. We love to say we can shoot the same quality portrait in a sun drenched field as we can inside a completely dark barn. It’s something we pride ourselves on but also find very comforting for us and our clients entering a wedding day chalked full of unexpected and uncontrollable variables. Additionally, our love and emphasis of marriage over the wedding is foundational to who we are as a brand. We whole-heartedly believe that the marriage is what truly matters and this must inform and guide the wedding experience, approach and perspective. We care deeply about the images we create and capture but we also allow this value to shape not only how we approach a wedding day but also all of our correspondence at the time of booking through the delivery of the images. Marriage deeply matters and this is our greatest conviction as a brand.
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3- Do you have any favorite moments to photograph of the wedding ceremony or reception?
Since we have such a strong love of marriage, we certainly love the opportunity to capture the ceremony. I’ve often found myself wiping away tears in the midst of shooting and internally telling myself to “pull it together, man!”. Haha, we genuinely love hearing couples express their love for one another with unique vows. There’s something fun about shooting the moment the rings are placed on, I’ve always found that a beautiful thing to capture. However, I think the procession and recession are my absolute favorite. The emotion in the groom (often all over his face or pouring out in the form of tears) as he anticipates the arrival of his bride or the elation the couples posses as they depart the ceremony. You have to love that they are often yelling, skipping and obviously overwhelmed with joy. Those are the moments that we never take lightly and feel so unbelievably fortunate to share with so many couples.
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4- Are there any ways that Hitch & Sparrow wants to impact the wedding industry?
I believe we’re always trying to impact the industry by implementing an emphasis on marriage first. Encouraging clients and couples we speak with to celebrate their wedding with perspective, clarity and their own personal convictions (fighting the indulgence and “you have to do it this way” mentality). We also, genuinely want to infect the industry with generosity. Each year we give away a complimentary (FREE) wedding to a deserving couple. If they’ve fallen on difficult times and have a beautiful story worth telling — we desire to be the team who captures the moments of their wedding day. We’ve chose to do this the past few years and it’s been one of our favorite realities of being a successful business.
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5- We love the natural and lighthearted way that your photos are captured! What helps the bride and groom to loosen up in front of the camera?
Thankfully we’ve had the opportunity to work with such amazing clients, so that really helps. However, not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera (based on our experience, we’d confidently say most do not). That’s where our ability to adapt, relate and genuinely invest in our couples helps out in some incredible ways. We sincerely desire to provide a memorable, fun and present wedding day experience. You could probably attribute a lot of it to our authenticity and deep care for our clients. We’re thankful that they see our hard work and concern during the entire day and in turn I’ve seen that calm and comfort our couples in front of the camera.