Velvet: The Fabric of Autumn and Winter

If you love velvet as much as we do, you’ll love these ways to incorporate it into your wedding! Velvet is the perfect fabric for autumn and winter because the fabric is luxurious, but keeps the wearer warmer than other fabrics. It is wonderful to wear, delightful to admire, and looks great in photos! We have five ways to sneak it into your elegant wedding.



Okay, okay, so this isn’t velvet the fabric, but it sure is delicious! If you are grafting velvet into your wedding, it’s fun to use red velvet in your dessert. Red velvet bundt cakes are very trendy, as well as red velvet macaroons. But don’t stop there! Naked cakes are perfect for a fall wedding, and letting the red peep through the thin white frosting looks delightful.

How incredible would it be to cut into these cakes by Wildflower Cake Boutique and find red velvet?!
How incredible would it be to cut into these cakes by Wildflower Cake Boutique and find red velvet?!



Velvet bridal accessories are so fun! Especially velvet shoes. Velvet shoes are perfect for a fall or winter wedding because velvet shoes are often styled with a thick heal to easily tread over wet or uneven surfaces. Velvet is eye-catching as well, looking stunning in your wedding photos.



Decor is possibly the most unique way to incorporate velvet into your wedding! It is an incredibly versatile fabric and can be displayed in the form of couches, full table linens, drapes, ribbons, or table runners.

We are in love with this dark berry velvet theme! Photography: Anastasia Bruykhanova

Velvet can be draped on your dessert table or over your ceremony arch, accompanied by gorgeous flowers. It can simply be draped anywhere and look stunning.

Velvet couch
We love this photo by Chair Covers and Linen at Cottonwood Glen! Just picture any of these darling velvet chairs in a lounge area at your reception!


Bridesmaid Accessories

Bridesmaid accessories are the best to coordinate! To embody your dream winter theme theme, all of your bridesmaids can wear velvet bows in their hair, velvet ribbons on their bouquets, velvet shawls, or even velvet dresses!


On the Groom

Velvet blazers are a growing fall trend for men. They come in any color and add warmth and dazzle to a fall or winter wedding. They are especially dapper in gem tones such as burgundy or emerald. Velvet bowties are also gaining traction in fall styles.

These blazers are perfect for a winter wedding look.

Velvet inspired wedding palettes are undeniably glam. A fall or winter wedding sounds so more delightful when you can drape yourself in velvet.