Ashley Nicole Events on Why a Wedding Planner is Indispensable

These days there are multiple apps and websites claiming to save you time and money by helping you plan your wedding. While we celebrate the rise of technology, we want to emphasize how wonderful and cost-effective having a wedding planner is! Ashley Nicole Events is a planning company that creates absolutely stunning events! We were thrilled to interview her on why it is faster and more cost effective (and more fun!) to hire a planner rather than simply using an app or website!
Venue: Four Seasons Denver || Photography: Brumley and Wells
Venue: Four Seasons Denver || Photography: Brumley & Wells
1- Can you tell us about your process creating Ashley Nicole Events, and what you are most inspired by in your work?

Ashley Nicole Events was created because we believed in making a positive impact in the daily lives of brides planning their weddings.  We believe in putting the client needs first and allowing the planning process to be enjoyable.  We also believe in helping a bride discover her style and in showcasing details that reflect them as a couple.  We love these discoveries throughout the planning process.  We love-love.

The clients and the entire world around us inspire me each and everyday.  I start each morning reading bridal and interior design blogs.  Then I move to Instagram for more inspiration and finally end up on Pinterest, checking out each client’s secret board that they’re adding photos to everyday. At the end of the evening, I find myself scouring Martha Stewart and Vogue Magazine while I lay in bed.    It can be something as simple as an ad in Town & Country Magazine that inspires me to a new color pallet for a client, or a dress on a fashion blogger’s Instagram that makes me think of a client for her rehearsal dinner.  There isn’t a moment that goes by that I don’t look around to be inspired…it’s what I love and appreciate about each day.



Venue: Blanc || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography
Venue: Blanc Denver || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography



2-What should a couple look for when searching for a wedding planner?

Personal connection.  I tell every couple when they interview me that “chemistry” is extremely important when searching for a wedding planner.  A planner will be by your side during very intimate moments on your wedding day and even in the days leading up to it, so it’s important that you find someone that you really click with and feel comfortable with.  Someone whom you feel it’s okay to ask silly questions to or dive into your budget to talk about finances with and wedding etiquette, etc.    There are SO many wonderful planners out there, and a right fit for everyone, so be sure that you feel like you’ve found “the one” when interviewing planners.


STUNNING decor and backdrop for this Aspen wedding! || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography
STUNNING decor and backdrop for this Aspen wedding! || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography


3-Can you describe how a couple might save time or money by choosing to hire a planner?

Hiring a planner will absolutely save you time and money.  For starters, it takes a planner only a few moments to tell you who the best band, photographer, cake designer, etc. is.  While it may take you days or weeks to research and scour the internet for the best band.   As planners, we know how much things cost and what would be the best investment given your budget and style.



Venue: Blanc || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography
Venue: Blanc Denver || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography


4- There are so many apps and websites claiming to help couples seamlessly plan a wedding. What are the personal, unique touches that wedding planners bring to the table?

Having a great planner will bring much more than an app on your smart phone.  They can provide the personal attention that each wedding needs.  These apps can’t answer questions for you like a planner can.  We have worked at just about every venue across the state and know what is best for each event.  In addition, issues come up throughout the planning process that only an event professional can answer.  These things cannot be predicted through an app.


Venue: Broadmoor || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography
Ashely Nicole Event’s expertise even extends to baby showers and posh parties! Venue: The Broadmoor || Photography: Rachel Havel Photography



5- We love the luxury and beauty in your creative work! What are your favorite aesthetics to incorporate into your planning and design?

My favorite aesthetic, that I yearn to bring into every event, is texture.  Whether it’s in a luxurious linen for the cake table or a velvet ribbon to style with the wedding invitation, I love and appreciate texture. It’s a wonderful feeling when something feels good, and I make sure these details go into every event no matter what the budget is.