Lighting is Everything

Intentional lighting makes everything better. Literally, everything. Have you ever been in a nice restaurant and noticed that the fluorescent lighting washed out the classy vibe? Many venues can up the elegance of an event just by consciously using great light. There are many ways you can intentionally use lighting to beautify your reception, starting with the light fixtures! Here are four fixtures to create next level romance!




Eclectic Hive provides lighting fixtures, like these stunning chandeliers, for your reception!

You can’t go wrong with chandeliers, no matter what your wedding theme is. Chandeliers disperse light evenly, which means no harsh light, and they look stunning in the background of photos. Chandeliers also come in various styles, so you don’t have feel stuck with the huge Beauty and the Beast dining room variety. Check out Eclectic Hive for unique lighting! They have just about any kind of lighting fixture you can imagine, and a wonderful online portfolio for you to browse through for inspiration!


Lanterns and Candles

Candles are generally a must for wedding decor, but there are tons of ways that you can make your candle light stand out. Experiment with what candles can accentuate in your venue. Hanging candles are perfect for a rustic-glam theme. Tapered candles are perfect for a garden-romance theme. Multiple candles standing in a row can create a stunning backdrop, or draw attention to important tables.

Lanterns can be used in just the same way! Although candles are more cost effective, lanterns are easier to hang and less of a fire hazard if your venue has a no-open-flame policy.


String Lights

String lights instantly romanticize anything they are draped on. They come in many different shapes, including icicle styles that drape from the main strand, and large, round bulbs for increased light. String lights also make a point of dressing up a very neglected part of the venue- the ceiling. Imagine how different this reception tent by T’da Design would look without the lights strung from the ceiling! T’da Design creates lovely wedding decor, and has the dreamiest designs!

T'DA Design made this tent look incredibly magical with these strung lights!
T’da Design made this tent look incredibly magical with these strung lights!


DNM Events is excellent at classing up colored lighting.
DNM Events is excellent at elegant colored lighting. Their designs are always glamorous and stunning! Click their name to see their past decor projects and availability on Gold Calendar!

Backlighting creates an edgy and modern vibe. When done well, it is also elegant! Because this fixture choice is so loud and focal,  you can downplay creating or buying lots of other decorations. You can save money and create an elegant style for your reception, just by choosing bold colored lighting! Many event styling companies are prepared with a variety of colors to match your color scheme.