We LOVE These Three Nature-Inspired Wedding Cakes

Living in Colorado means waking up to looming purple mountains, and evergreens never more than a stones throw away. There are some incredible advantages to being a Colorado bride:

  • luxurious mountain wedding venues
  • breathtaking views
  • a plethora of rustic barns
  • outdoor activities for all your guests to enjoy
  • year-round sunshine

Why not pay tribute to our gorgeous state by fashioning your wedding cake to reflect the nature outside? We found four cakes to lend some nature-modeled wedding cake inspiration.

This classic Aspen cake is so romantic.
This classic aspen cake is so romantic!

This Aspen cake is reminiscent of long flirty walks with your significant other–carving your names on trees to immortalize your lighthearted love. An aspen cake is perfect for the Colorado bride and can be fashioned in many different ways to reflect the season. If this aspen cake was for a fall wedding, the bride could have had multi-colored leaves strewn across the table or strategically placed on the cake! This work of art was created by Kim & Jakes, which means that it is not only beautiful, but it is also gluten-free! Kim & Jakes is a Boulder-based bakery that specialized in delicious gluten-free baked goods. They are the perfect shop to check out if you want to purchase a gluten-free wedding cake without sacrificing amazing flavor.


The blue ombre of the sky is such a stunning accent piece for any wedding.
The blue ombre of the sky is such a stunning accent piece for any wedding.

What better way to acknowledge Colorado’s fresh air and sunny days than to put blue skies right on your wedding cake! The white icing trees are so intricate and are stark against the clear blue icing. Chocolate pine cones are the added touch to this cake, taking it to a whole new level of awesome! This cake was designed by Intricate Icings, a Denver-based bakery lead by the cake artist Rachael Teufel. Rachel’s designs have been featured in an array of online and in print wedding publications. She brings a whole new meaning to “cake artisan.”


We couldn't make a nature-inspired cake blog without featuring this gem!
We couldn’t make a nature-inspired cake blog without featuring this gem!

This masterpiece features outdoor scenes from the wedding couple’s favorite moments together. The icing colors reflect a stunning sunset in seamless transition from purple to orange to yellow. The silhouettes are darling and a perfect edible memory of the couple’s time enjoying nature together. This masterpiece was designed and built by Azucar Bakery. Azucar Bakery is a luxury bakery and specialty cake shop, creating every piece of art from scratch. Not only are their cakes museum-worthy, but they are also incredibly delicious.