Tips for Flower Girl Attire

People save their two “Awww”‘s during the ceremony for the bride and the flower girl. There are so many fun options to choose from when it comes to flower girl attire. This is also a great opportunity to make a young girl feel like a princess! Whether you have one flower girl or multiple, we have some tips and tricks for brides and parents when considering flower girl attire.

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This flower girl has some great moves! Whatever you decide for your flower girl's attire, be sure to ask her if she is comfortable enough in her clothes to still have fun!
This flower girl has the┬ámoves! Whatever you decide for your flower girl’s attire, be sure to ask her if she is comfortable enough in her clothes to still have fun!



Generally, flower girls are the only girls at the wedding allowed to also wear a full, white dress. White is one of the most popular colors for flower girls, but you can also coordinate their colors with your bridesmaids! White is also quite hard to keep clean on children, so you may want to consider other colors and tones if you think this might be an issue. Be sure to coordinate a shawl or mini cardigan so she won’t end up in a sweatshirt by the end of the night, especially if she is in a fall or winter wedding!



This bride and her flower girl's matching hair is so precious!
This bride and her flower girl’s matching hair is so precious!

Many brides will let the flower girl’s parents choose how to do their hair. If they are old enough, it is also fun to match the flower girl’s hair with the bridesmaids or the brides! This makes the flower girl feel like part of the girl squad and is darling in wedding photos.


We love this darling, bejeweled barrette!
We love this darling, bejeweled barrette and matching belt!

Accessories are one of the most fun things to plan for flower girls! The options are vast. Barrettes are a pretty way to dress up or bejewel your flower girl. Flower crowns are always whimsical and fun, just be sure to tell your florist you are planning on accessorizing your flower girl. Tiaras are also a great way to add elegance and class, and will make your flower girl feel like a princess.

You may also consider some minimal jewelry. If the flower girl’s ears are pierced small diamond or peal studs are a gorgeous choice. If the bridesmaids are wearing matching jewelry or statement pieces, it might be fun to gift the flower girl with matching jewelry as well!


Shoes are always a great way to get creative! Ask your flower girl’s parents to have her break them in for an hour or two each week before the wedding so her feet aren’t pinched or uncomfortable.