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Interview with Celebrations Event Planning on the Perfect Day of Coordinator! pt. 2

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pam at Celebrations Event Planning about finding the perfect day of coordinator. How many meetings and attention can you expect? What will meetings entail? What questions should you be ready to answer to ensure your coordinator is prepared? How can you be an ideal “day of” bride to ensure allow your dream day to become a reality through the help of your coordinator and relieve some of that stress?

How many meetings should brides expect to have with their day-of coordinators before their event? What kind of meetings can they anticipate?

I think there should be at least 3 meetings with the “day of coordinator”. First meeting is to meet  the coordinator. It is extremely important that your personalities fit together. You will be working closely with them for up to a year so you have to feel comfortable with them. Second, I think you need to meet with the coordinator at the wedding venue. I think it is important that both parties see the space together so that everyone has the same vision of what the wedding day set up should look like. Then finally I think there should be a final meeting 30 days prior to the wedding day. It is important to go over the timeline and finalize any details before all the vendors are confirmed  prior to the wedding day. That ensures everyone is on the same page to make the day run perfectly.

What are some of the general questions you ask a bride to see if she is a good fit for you? 

When talking with a new bride, I like to ask her if she is comfortable with letting someone else be in charge on the wedding day. It is most important to me that they enjoy their day and that requires them to trust in me to do my job so that they don’t feel like they need to “micro manage” the day.

What does your ideal day-of bride client look like? 

My “day of bride” should be perfectly relaxed on her wedding day…that would be my vision! That would happen with her knowing that all the details have been taken care of and that she has trust in me to do my job efficiently and make her day amazing.

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Event by Celebrations Photo by Alysha Rainwaters