Want to Include Animals in Your Wedding? Here's How!

Pets are part of the family, and including them in your wedding can be so special! There are many ways to include your favorite animal in your wedding.

If you don’t have any young family members, make your pet your flower girl or ring bearer! A smaller animal such as a dog or goat can make a great ring-bearer. All they have to do is walk toward you down the aisle! Does your husband have an animal that’s close to his heart? Make it a faux groomsman! Your furry friend will blend right in after you buy it a cute bowtie and let it stand in line with the rest of your husband’s best men.

How cute is this dog's formal bowtie?! Photography by Hitch & Sparrow
How cute is this dog’s formal bowtie?! Photograph by Hitch & Sparrow

Of course you’ll want to include your animal in your wedding photos! Even if your pet is not part of the ceremony, you can still have it with you in your photos. The photos that you have with your pet are sure to be some of your favorites! When choosing your photographer be sure to ask if they have taken wedding photos with pets before. If your photographer has, they may have some great ideas on how to capture those cute in-between moments or how to help your pet pose for the photo.

If you don’t have a pet, but still want animals in your wedding, goats and horses are social animals that don’t mind being in photos. You can even choose a wedding photographer who specializes in equestrian photography like Deziree’s Photography! Deziree is a Denver-based photographer who specializes in capturing the horse-human connection.

Deziree captures the most whimsical moments.
Deziree captures the most whimsical moments. The matching garlands are a beautiful touch.


The idea of having your pet at your wedding can be fun, but does require a bit of planning. Here are a few ideas to make having your furry friend at your wedding a stress-free plan.

Have a designated pet nanny.

Choose a friend or not-immediate family member to take care of your pet throughout the night. This person should be someone your animal is comfortable around who knows when your pet is beginning to feel anxious or overwhelmed. A designated pet nanny will make sure that your animal is fed and watered throughout the night and is where they need to be for photos or for their role in the ceremony if they have one. Your pet nanny will also be responsible for transporting your pet to and from your wedding.


Be sure to check the venue’s pet policy.

Here’s a big one: Be sure that your venue allows pets. If your ceremony site does not allow animals, you can still have them in your photos off-site. Getting married at a farm or a ranch is the easiest way to include horses, goats, or rabbits in your formal photos. Taking photos of them in an environment that is familiar to them will help decrease any behavioral issues with the animal and will help them feel comfortable.


This pony takes this couple's rustic wedding photos to the next level! Photograph by Kate Merrill Photo
This pony takes this couple’s rustic wedding photos to the next level! Photograph by Kate Merrill Photo


Dress them up!

Flower garlands may be all the formal attire that your pet needs to dress them up for your wedding! Talk to your florist about making a garland to fit the animal that you want in your wedding. If your pet is comfortable in a bowtie or a vest, there are tons of places online that sell wedding outfits for animals.