9-1-1 Emergency Kit Assembly for your Big Day

What’s that they say? Whatever can go wrong will go wrong? Yes, that. Don’t be caught unprepared on your big day, put together your emergency kit and have it ready if a catastrophe arises. First, make sure you organize your kit by the themes of issues that could arise – health and wellness, primping and beauty, food and beverage and just in case.

Bag from DreamState
Bag from DreamState

Health and Wellness

Many different items can go under this category, but essentially its what you need for any type of medical or bodily necessity that could arise.

First, we have pills that you may need: pain killers (for headaches and body aches), any personal meds, decongestant, allergy medicine (non-drowsy of course!), antacid.

Then we have what you could need for your body:  band-aids, blister prevention items (moleskin, blister pads, anti-blister spray), eye drops, cough drops, tampons and bug spray.

Finally, we have the other bodily maintenance items: toothbrush, toothpaste, crest whitening strips, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, contact solution sunscreen, tissues, q-tips and hand sanitizer.

Priming and Beauty

After you have everything you need to ensure your body is taken care of, primping and beauty is the next most important category to be fully stocked with emergency products. Now there are maintenance, makeup and wellbeing items in this category.

First, your maintenance items, things you need to to “brush up” on your appearance: chapstick, brush or comb, hair spray, bobby pins, hair ties, hair curler or straightener, baby powder (the original dry shampoo), oil absorbing pads, extra earring backs, mirrors (compact and makeup), nail clipper and file, tweezers, eyelash glue, cotton balls and makeup remover.

Then is your makeup, be sure to have extra of everything you could possibly need on hand: normal makeup (mascara, foundation, coverup, blush, etc), nail polish (clear and matching color your manicure and pedicure colors), nail polish remover and perfume.

Wellbeing is everything you could need to keep yourself sane: lotion (hand, body and face), lint roller, fan, baby wipes, eye beads, hot bad, ice pack, head massager and essential oils.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is also one of the most important categories to have stocked – think about yourself, your bridesmaids and your family when planning this. Don’t include anything that people may be allergic too no need to have the almonds if your best friend may keel over from an accidental mixup or contamination.

Food: protein snacks, energy snacks (gels, gummies, anything pro-athletes can use to replenish), bars, nuts, candy (make sure its something that can stain), gum and breath mints.

Drink: water, straws (don’t want to mess up your stunning lipstick and liner!), energy drinks (ones that give you electrolytes like gatorade and ones that give you caffeine/energy boost like 5-hour energy or red bull) and alcohol (just if you need a little liquid courage).

Just in Case

This is perhaps the most important category for you to think about as yourself as a bride and the people at your wedding. Think through what could possibly arise – what does your future hubby always forget? What kind of trouble is your nephew always getting into? What might your mom need to get through the day?

General dress needs: sewing kit, double-stick tape, anti-slip shoe pads (incase it rains and your shoes aren’t ready!), safety pins, boutonnieres pins, crochet hook (don’t want any issues with your stunning lace dress!), scissors, hem tape, stain remover, static cling spray and comfy flats.

Other needs: phone charger (iPhone and Samsung cords), chargers for anything else you may want to use (camera, go-pro, toothbrush, etc), charge packs, USB outlet plugins, epipen, cash, pens, pencils, sharpies, note book note cards, lighter, duct tape and umbrella.