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How to Make the Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Big Day!

What is a signature cocktail? A signature cocktail is a drink (or two) you offer at your wedding that is either specific to the bride or the groom, a combination of the two of you or to fit with your theme! Although most couples go with drinks that are congruent with their theme, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your and your partner’s favorite flavors.

First, think of your go-to orders for drinks, this way you can identify the flavors and types of drinks you usually like. Do you like old fashioned drinks? Refreshing ones? Strange, delicious combinations? Having mixed drinks with sparkling wine or water or juice is a good way to cut costs on the alcohol. If you want to be trendy, trying having a tea based drink!

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When thinking about your mixers, think about the total cost. The mixing ingredients are where you can save money and ensure that no one gets tooo rowdy on your special day. Ensure that your drink isn’t too complicated as to not overwhelm bartenders with supplies and assembly time. A few simple ingredients, a garnish and a cute vessel is all you need!

The next thing to think about is how to display and garnish your drink. Simple rosemary or mint can class up any drink! Have your drink go along with your rustic theme by putting them in mason jar or with your classy elegance with martini glasses!

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With all this in mind, have the drinks you want! Not everyone is going to like the tastes you picked out (no matter how perfect they might be!). Make sure to have some wine and beer for the people who are only going to have wine and beer no matter what! About half the guests you expect to drink will have one or two of your signature drinks – so budget the amount correctly!

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Photos thanks to Curate Vancouver – an event bartending team who curate a personalized experience for you & your guests.