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Biggest Fall Bridal Trends for 2017

Whether you’re curious about what type of silhouette to choose for your dress or what fads are still trendy to incorporate into your event, we’ve got some answers.


Lace floral gowns aren’t only for the spring and summer! Lace floral dresses have been incredibly popular in fall bridal fashion shows and, honestly, are stunning in any season. With a darker lace backdrop and cream lace florals, you will surely steal the show! You can also add a splash of color to your outfit with colorful florals. This is a perfect way to add some pizzaz but stay classy.

Going extra in a rustic venue. Another popular trend is picking a venue that is rustic and rural and decorating it with huge floral centerpieces and other extremely elegant touches. This gives a great juxtaposition and a trendy vibe!


Gold leaf, bronze leaf, all the leaf! I am a big fan of the metallic touches at weddings, something about it is just so gorgeous to me. Hints of bronze or gold metallics in your wedding through décor or leaf on desserts is perfect. If you don’t want to go the food route, having metallic dresses is still producing stunning #Squads. I love how ladies shimmer when dancing in metallics and the ability to give bridesmaids to be unique with their outfits.


Being natural. One of the best parts of fall is undecorated stunning woodwork works. They are gorgeous. Using furniture’s natural beauty with a golden or burlap table runner is a fantastic way to capitalize on nature’s beauty. Use a metallic set of silverware to give your tablescape a little extra umpf!


Polaroids. Yes, polaroid’s are still the latest, throwback trend. There is something people love about the look of the photos and being able to take them home or write a comment on them. These are so fun and truly catch memories from your event in an authentic, real way. With just a flash and ink, no editing is necessary. Have instant gratification for the fun being had and the love being shared.


Finally – furry friends! Cute little furry friends have taken weddings over by storm. Whether you invite camels, alpacas, llamas or horses, people love having the animals! They add such a unique vibe to the wedding, and the MOST amazing photos. Also, more and more people are incorporating their dogs into their big days – and we have some advice if you are looking to do this.