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The Best Ways to Fall Wedding :: Part Two

Food. Fall food. Those are two words that fill all of us with warmth and make us lick our lips. There are so many different ways you can incorporate delicious fall food into your wedding and still be classy.


First, with drinks.

Fall drinks are some of the best drinks around! Who doesn’t love mulled wine, spiked apple cider or a bourbon Hot Toddy? These drinks can be made into masterpieces for the wedding while keeping your guest feeling warm and full of love. Don’t be afraid to serve iced drinks as well, some people don’t like warm boozy drinks. A caramel apple or apple cider mimosa, apple cider mule or apple pie flavored moonshine inspired drink are always crowd pleasers. You can always do drinks straight up to truly fill people with warmth! Some of our favorites are maple-Bourbon Old Fashions, apple pie bourbon shots or beer. People love good, dark beers during the fall – give them Guinness or porters!  Finally, depending on how basic you want to be, girl, incorporate that pumpkin spice! You can serve a pumpkin spice white Russian or just give the people what they want – serve a spiked pumpkin spice latte.



Second, with appetizers, snacks and add ons.

There are so many places to take fall food when it comes to the snacky parts of your wedding. Rich items like cheeses, fruits, caramels and figs allow you to go magical places with these! Have a delicious variety of cheese spreads with figs, jams, syrups and delicious crackers in your appetizer bar. Incorporate the delicious taste of pumpkin through hummus, biscuits or a dip. Make apple chips as a healthy, easy to eat and delicious snack. Don’t forget these other awesome flavors that are so fall: rosemary, apricot, cranberry, sweet potato, butternut squash and rich, warm breads.




And Third, Desserts of Course.

Don’t be afraid to take a new spin on classic fall food for your dessert! Try a “left over pecan pie shake” – you can have plain and alcoholic options to bring it to the next level. Who doesn’t love pie. Pair some of your favorite pies with delicious ice cream to have a nice variety in type of dessert. Naked cakes with pumpkins, leaves and other fall inspired florals are also always a winner. If you’re someone who likes icing, go for all white icing with stunning foliage to decorate. They’re stunning, delicious and right on with the theme!

When it comes to picking your menu for the fall wedding, do not over do it. Just like you can overdo fall for decorations, you can definitely over do it with your food choices. Make sure all of your flavors go well together and people do not think they have been transported into a farmers market instead of your wedding.