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Essential Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Photographer

When looking for a photographer there are a lot of different aspects to the business, day and editing you need to ask about. It can be hard to find someone who will give you the attention and care you want. The following questions are important to gauge what kind of experience you will have.

Do you have any other job besides photography? How much of your photography business is weddings? How long have you been doing weddings?

How many weddings have you done? How many weddings do you usually do a year? Do you have references I can reach out to and a link to your portfolio?

Are you used to photographing in the season of my wedding? What are some issues you find with this season? What are advice do you have to solve these?

Have you photographed at my venue before? Do you know my planner? My florist? What advice do you have for the best possible photos at my venue? If my event goes longer, is their an option to have you stay longer?

Do you shoot by yourself or with a team? Will it be you, a team member or a combination shooting my wedding? What happens if you are ill or have an issue the day of my wedding? What do you all wear when shooting?

What type of style do you usually shoot in? What is your favorite shot to do with couples? Are you open to my ideas and vision?

What are the differences between your packages? How many hours do they each provide? Do they cover engagement photos or rehearsal dinner photos?

What kind of editing will you be doing to my photos? (retouching, color adjustment, etc) When is this editing done – before or after I see the proofs? How long can I expect to wait after my event for the photos to be ready? What are your reprint and copywrite rules? (Can you have printing and digital rights to them)

When do we sign the contract and how much of a deposit is required? (Contracts are essential to ensure you get the product you pay for, it keeps you and the photographer accountable.) When do you expect final payment? Do you have insurance? (protects them from theft or accidental damage of equipment on the big day)