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How to Get a 'WOWZA' Out of Your Wedding Guests

With The Ceremony

The number one way to wow guests during the ceremony is to tear at their heart strings in a time appropriate fashion while making them as comfortable as possible. This means having shade, fans, water, heaters, blankets, hot coca or what ever you can anticipate their needs to be. Ceremonies can often be long and kind of boring, ensure you have a great wedding officiant who will give all your guests a peak at your love and keep them entertained. You also may want to provide custom handkerchiefs anticipating the tears!

Finally, make sure everyone is comfortable. This means couches for your most preferred guests and level seating for everyone else. We don’t want Uncle Bobby falling off the chair because it is on uneven ground! Also, if your reception occurs somewhere that does not have the most reliable floor (think sand, mulch, etc) give people walking paths. This can be especially dangerous and annoying for women in stilettos.


With The Reception

A great way to kickoff the reception with a bang and impress your guests is having a range drinks for them ready and accessible. This can be done a few different ways: have them be part of escort cards, have waitstaff fully stocked and walking around or have cute containers (like a canoe) full of iced beverages for people to take from. Just be sure to mind keeping this readily available alcohol away from people underage. You can also kick off the reception with an amazing entrance. You can change your outfit (see fall weddings trends this year!), have sparklers or ride in on a llama!

Another great way to wow them is to make the reception as comfortable and fun as possible. This can range from lux lounging areas to lux portapotties so no one has to wait. If you know your grandma or aunt Anne has a bad hip or back, give them chairs to sit in that will improve their (and your) night!


With The Overall Experience

Obviously you can impress guests so many ways with the overall experience. Making sure your guests are comfortable and satisfied the whole time is important. This means multiple times of feeding them and giving them drinks and many places to sit where they can be in the shade or in a warmer area (depending on the season of your wedding). You also want to involve your guests as much as possible in your affair. Easy ways to do this is have your wedding #hashtag easy to read and give them polaroid film! This is great for you to enjoy after your event and makes the guests feel valued.

You can have over the top gorgeous decorations like large, beautiful floral centerpieces or captivating, low hanging chandeliers. You can also provide child care. This is a way to make your guests feel like you truly want them to have an amazing night celebrating your love. The break from the kids not only lets the parents let loose and have fun, but makes it so you don’t have to worry about them messing up any of your special moments (think temper tantrum during the daddy daughter dance).

Finally, you can do a couple things after your wedding is over. You can have an awesome afterparty at a venue that will let guests stay later so the fun does not have to stop. Once people start partying and enjoying the night, it is unfortunate to have it cut what seems short by venue regulations. You can also provide people with unique, fun transport home if they have had too much to drink. I advise doing this for the good of your friends and the community.