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How To Choose Your Wedding Planner

Finding the perfect wedding planner is one of the most stressful parts of getting married. You first have to narrow down what kind of planner you want and then ensure the planner you go with can give you the experience and event you envision.

What Kind of Planner do you want? This is the first question you need to answer. Important factors to consider are how big of a wedding you will have, what type of decor and setup you want to have and how much stress and specifics you think you can handle. If you are going to have a small intimate event in a friend’s backyard you can probably do most of the planning yourself.

If you are going to have an event slightly larger and more complicated but not what you would consider a daunting amount of work to preform, you may consider a “day-of” coordinators. Day-of coordinators help lessen the load on your big day and allow you to take a step back and enjoy your day. If you are curious for more information about them, check out our interviews with Celebrations Event Planning! See part one here and part two here.

If you think your event will require any more effort than previously described and that stresses you out, get a planner. Planners have so much insider information like small touches to increase guest comfort or what to ask florists or photographers or what types of favors to do. They also have all of the connections and relationships already built so the process of securing all your vendors and knowing they are capable of preforming the event you envision is a lot easier.

Beautiful Images by The Artful Event Co || Irena K || Jo & Co Home
Beautiful Images by The Artful Event Co || Irena K || Jo & Co Home

After you decide what type of planner is necessary for your day, you need to ask them the appropriate questions so you both have an idea of what you are expecting from them. This ranges from pricing to attention to crisis response. The most important thing to note from the beginning is to have a contract signed to keep both you and the planner accountable for what you said you will do.

First – vet your planner. Do all of the research and background work before you setup a meeting. This means looking at their website, social media profiles and reviews.

Second – how much attention you will get. It is important to know how willing planners are to communicate with you and give you in one-on-one meetings. This also includes methods and amount of communication. Do they want you to call, email or text? How quickly should you expect a response on the weekends and weekdays? This should be outlined in your contract so you both know how much attention is required – important for brides who are over eager and may go a little over board. Remember your planner has other clients and life, respect them and their time.

Then you need to talk about the types of services you will receive depending on what package or level you sign up for. Planners can range from being very surface level involved to planning the event down to every flower and table setting. If you have a vision, you need to make sure your planner is willing to work with it and knows what it is from the beginning.

Beautiful Images by The Artful Event Co || Irena K || Jo & Co Home
Beautiful Images by The Artful Event Co || Irena K || Jo & Co Home