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Nessisary Questions to Ask Your Florist Before you Commit to Them

When thinking about your florist, the most important thing to remember is they are so much more than your bouquet at your wedding. Not only are the responsible for your bouquet, the bridal party’s bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces, any other flair you decide upon they will help with. Florist are the last piece of the puzzle for your event after your planner and venue are decided upon. To ensure you and the florist are on the same page – ask them the following questions.


What type of budget are you used to working within?  What is your minimum floral budget? Do you offer packages or have ideas how I can maximize my budget? What type of fees do you charge?

Have you ever worked at my venue or with my planner? Are you open to working with my planner and baker if I want additional floral decorations?


What types of decorations do you think are most important for the overall athsetic of the event?

Can I have a reference from another bride or the link to your look book from past weddings? How long have you been in business? About how many events have you done?


Do you schedule multiple events for the same day? Will I be the only bride for your weekend? If I am the only bride, are you helping setup the florals or will we be responsible for that?

Who makes all the arrangements? Is it you? An assistant? Another designer with your company?