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How to Make Your Parents Feel Appreciated on Your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest, most weddings would not happen without the support (personally, mentally and financially) without some dedicated, patient parents. It’s important to make your parents feel valued, appreciated and cared for on your big day. This can be hard when the day revolves around you and everyone in attendance wants to spend some time with you. Here are some great ways to make your parents feel loved and valued on your big day. There are a few different ways you can approach this: heirlooms, photos, public recognition or a gift.


Heirlooms. Heirlooms are an easy, meaningful way to show your parents you care for them. Having one of your “something old, something new, something barrowed, something blue” be a family heirloom is a great way to not only show the love to your family, but to accessorize your outfit in a really cool way. We all love vintage and some of the best vintage items are guarded by our parents. What a perfect excuse to wear the broach, necklace, cufflinks or pin you have admired since you were little.


Photos. Photos can play a part in many ways throughout your big day. This can range from “first look” photos with your dad, to special time with them and meaningful poses during your shooting session after the ceremony or ensuring the photos around of the couple also have parents’ presence. Also, ensure when you do your spotlight dance you have the photographer ready to snap memorable photos.


Public Recognition. You can publically thank your parents in different ways. It can be a subtle thank you note at the reception to a shout out during the reception to having them walk you down the aisle to playing a part in your wedding. If you are doing a special dance with them, truly pick a song your parent loves and is a message from you to them.


A Gift. A gift sounds like an easy way out, but you can make it incredibly sentimental and meaningful. You can pick from many different types of gifts, whether it is a special dinner with them when you get back from your honeymoon or a day at the spa, treating them to something is a great way to show appreciation. However, I think a truly special gift made from the memories of the day can be more profound. You can get an image of you painted or etched in glass for decoration or give them a little scrap book from pictures throughout your life leading up to the wedding. Sentimental gifts are what I am always a sucker for, but I’m sure mom and dad could use a deep tissue after planning a wedding too!