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Prema means love; this is the foundation and source of all the work I do. I am a creative, a dreamer, a doer, a believer in magic and beauty, and a life-long fan of flowers. My work is multi-faceted, rooted in my connection to nature.

I consider story-telling to be an integral part of design. Stories are important: they convey emotions, autobiography, connection, and spirit. No matter the medium, my work is an expression and celebration of beauty, truth and individuality.

Real, authentic beauty creates both order and mystery; it evokes a sense of awe and wonder in us. It inspires adventure and intellectual exploration. I believe that by placing thought and intentional love into our surroundings, whether the temporary atmosphere of a special event or the daily environs of a beloved home, we create something that speaks to and soothes the soul.

For me, flowers are an essential part of that – bringing beauty and joy into our lives and celebrating sacred and special moments.

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