Close more business!

1. Millennials:Most brides are millennials and they are used to seeing availability for hotels, car rentals, spas, flights, uber, etc., they are so excited to find out if you’re available without having to sneak off to call you or send a dreaded email. Even if you think you’re quick at responding… a bride is eager to secure her vendors.

2. Information: You’ll collect her contact information when she is prompted to enter the date! This will give you lots of information that you might otherwise miss and have no risk sending the bride off your site without snagging her information..

3. Save you time: This will save you time, energy and lots of wasted emails from the dreaded spam senders! This is a great way to measure how many brides are actually hitting your landing page and what dates they’re most interested in … E.g. Know when to sell those premium slots!

4. Availability:Make sure you’ve selected the type of scheduling you’ll use most often: Email, Google Calendar, Delphi, Opera, the standard option, or we’ve created something especially for you!

We make this easier than ever!

Why Availability Transacts:

1. Dates Matter:
Remember if you’re a photographer, florist, makeup artist, car rental or many other supplier types, she has already booked her venue, so if you’re not available it’s better to save both her and YOU the time and recommend someone who is available.. and they’ll most likely recommend you in return!

2. Good Karma: If you’re booked, the site will recommend alternative suppliers (often the same ownership group) and even more importantly alternative dates…. brides are more likely (30% more likely) to book if they know you’re available even before they call!

3. Relax: This is a great way for you to relax and take off some of the heat… if you’re in the middle of a meeting and see that lead in your inbox, don’t fret, you’re a mile ahead of your competitors knowing the bride already has the information she needs! Now you can just talk with her about the fun stuff!