These 3 Apps Make Wedding Planning Fun and Easy!

Communicating each detail with your significant other or wedding planner can be exhausting. Luckily technology is one step ahead of us! There are several great apps that you can use at any stage of wedding planning, which takes the edge off communicating every little thing during the planning process. Plus, you can use Gold Calendar to make planning with these apps even easier! Planning a wedding doesn’t have to fatigue one of the most exciting seasons of your relationship!

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Florals and photo by Ladybird Poppy


Evernote is a fantastic app that allows you to share your design ideas with your significant other and keep your ideas all in one place! After downloading photos of florals or event space decor, you can draw boxes around the parts of the photo that you want to imitate. You can then share the photos to keep your partner in the loop for color schemes and design ideas. Open the app with your wedding planner or florist and show them your collection of ideas to make communication about what you want crystal clear! You can also create project to-do lists to keep track of people you need to reach out to, or deposits/bills that you need to pay. Use Evernote for looking up and sharing inspiration, then plug in to Gold Calendar to find a venue that matches your notes! You can save hours of your time by browsing vendors on Gold Calendar who are available on your selected  day.


With Avocado you can seamlessly sync calendars, to-do lists, and share photos with your partner. If your partner is a tad forgetful (as we can all be sometimes), this will be an incredibly helpful app. By syncing your calendars you can both be up to date on days you are meeting with your wedding planner, venue coordinator, or food tasting. Never forget a date together and make communication and reminders easy by creating a to-do list that you can knock out together! You can even remind each other to look up catering companies or florists on Gold Calendar who will be available on your wedding day.

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is a business-oriented app that will allow you to keep track of the less fun aspects of your wedding, such as budget, seating charts, and bookings. Although looking at flowers will always be more fun than looking at numbers, this app will simplify the budgeting and planning process and keep all of your information in one place. This app will be especially helpful if you and your partner choose to plan most of the wedding yourselves. To-do lists, appointments, and budget payments appear as colorful squares so you can easily see where your money is going, and what must still be accomplished. Eliminate all of the stress of pouring over a pen and paper with your partner by sharing this web-based app. If you are planning most of the wedding yourselves, Gold Calendar‘s pricing filter will be a huge help! You can also look at flexible pricing days on the website to help you find a place within your budget!

Marriage is about becoming a team. So why not start during the engagement by making communication super clear and fun with an app to help you slay planning your wedding?

Keep the good times rollin' and enjoy every part of your engagement! || Tara Bielecki Photography
Keep the good times rollin’ and enjoy every part of your engagement! || Tara Bielecki Photography