Autumn Food is Awesome

Autumn generally equates to food cravings and the year’s best ciders. If your wedding is in the next few months, you’re in luck! Delectable and hearty vegetables are in season, as well as crisp fruits. Ordering food with seasonal flare will ensure that your meal is super fresh (and likely less expensive)!

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Apples, pomegranates, pears, and squash are some of the most popular fall produce. Apples and pears pair (..ahem) well with cheese, so you are already on track for a great appetizer. You can make it a cheese fondu station with a selection of the season’s unique apples or serve sliced apples over cheese and a baguette. Baked apples can also be stuffed with walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar for a sweet appetizer!

Squash is a delicious and filling autumn vegetable that many catering companies incorporate with their dishes! Biscuits and Berries Catering makes a fierce roasted acorn squash with maple smoked butter and walnuts, as well as a savory butternut squash and herb bread pudding. Sound like something you’d like to serve at your reception? Click their name to check out their availability on Gold Calendar! Catering By Design also offers an incredible autumn risotto. Perfect fuel for dancing and throwing back drinks at the reception!

FARRO RISOTTO / butternut squash, caramelized leek, mushroom, parmesan cheese, cream

Both pears and apples compliment sweeter flavors, so both can be used to create desserts! Brandied pears are a delightful dessert, while apples can be made into spiced cake or fritters. Take a look at this incredible dessert muffin by Epicurean Catering

Pear Dessert

If you need dessert ideas for your autumn theme, why not spring for pies! Handcraft Bakery in Denver can make any type of pie you fancy. Plus, pies create a cozy aesthetic on your dessert table.

Book Handcraft Bakery for those cute handheld pies and muffins! The little pies are just too adorable.

As for drinks, if you don’t want to overdo the cider, offer a pear or pomegranate sangria! Sangria goes a long way, so it will be an excellent seasonal option to get your guests warmed up. There are plenty of recipes for fun fall drinks! Try an apple old fashioned, or experiment with a clove liquor.

The hugest perk of a fall wedding is the food options available to you! Don’t feel limited by the passing of summer produce. There are at least twelve different kinds of popular squash and each has its own unique flavor! Cauliflower is also in season, along with sweet root vegetables and mushrooms. The possibilities of catering in season are through the roof.