How to Work with a BRIDEZILLA

You check your phone and find four missed calls. You find yourself extended beyond your normal limitations. The vein on your forehead seems to be especially prominent these days. You’re wondering how on earth someone can be so picky or rude. You have signed a contract with BRIDEZILLA.

If you’re working in wedding planning, you probably enjoy your job on most days! You help create beautiful and unforgettable memories and get to work for people who are celebrating their love. However, every worker who offers a service comes into contact with a difficult person every now and then. Here are some fantastic tips to help protect your work and keep you sane when you get an occasional bridezilla!




1- Expectations

Make your expectations crystal clear when you begin planning with the bride. Be concise about the types of services you offer and what exactly you will be providing. Drawing clear boundaries will prevent you from being talked into over extending yourself or being nickel and dimed for the time you put in.

2- Communication

You may find your phone blowing up with questions and updates on every little subject. Brides (or their mothers) who want to be involved in every little step can end up dominating your time. To avoid this you can plan set times once or twice a week to communicate everything they need to know. You may also consider using an online planner so they can track your to-do list or planning without having to reach out to you!

3- Anticipate Needs

Anticipating the bride’s needs will save you a lot of headache in the future. Not only that, but she will be incredibly impressed by how efficient you are! If you are working with a picky bride, be sure to offer many different options or suggestions so she feels in control making choices. Spend some time really trying to pick her brain so you know ahead of time what kind of decor, needs, and behavior to expect from her.

4- Consider a “Bridezilla Clause”

If it becomes unbearable to work with your bridezilla, consider a “Bridezilla Clause.” This is a specific section in your contract stating that if a person is unreasonably rude or treats their vendor poorly, the contract is void. Sometimes having an out is necessary to protect your emotions and your work!

5- Coping Skills

Be sure to have coping skills if you decide to stick out the abuse! Chamomile tea, a friend to vent to, a place to yell after your meetings, a workout routine, and preparing for the bride to let out steam or harsh words when talking to you can all be super helpful in keeping sane.


Remember that the service you offer is a remarkable one! Don’t let a bridezilla dampen your spirits or make you dislike what you love doing. After all, getting through this experience means plenty of stories to tell your friends when you meet for happy hour.