Four Great Tips for Makeup Artists!

Brides place great trust in their wedding day makeup artist, especially if they are not one to usually wear makeup. They may walk in to an appointment with you feeling a bit lost or hesitant. Here are four tips to help the bride feel like she can treat you like a best friend!

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1- Clarify what you expect at the trial-run.

The bride may not know what to expect when booking a professional. Let her know how important the trial-run is and what she can do to prepare for the best results. Ask her to wear a white shirt so you can see how the makeup will look against her gown. You can also let her know that it is incredibly helpful for her to have ideas and references to bring in for you to review. This can be photos of makeup that she likes or color themes/decorations at the venue. Let her know what kind of preparation you need before the trial appointment. Do you need her hair freshly washed, or a day old?


2- Ask tons of questions!

Get to know the bride as well as possible! It will not only make her feel more comfortable,  but she will be more likely to recommend someone whom she feels genuinely warm towards. She will be able to feel the warmth in your questions! Ask her when she feels most beautiful, and if there are any looks she’s been dying to try. Ask her if she has any celebrity looks that she adores. Ask about her skin and hair type. If she’s open to it, ask her how she met her groom. Ask about everything!


3- Explain why you disagree with her

Ultimately, the bride gets what she wants, but you can help her avoid a mistake if you know how to explain why you disagree with any of her ideas! Maybe she is dreaming of wearing bright purple or orange lipstick on her big day. Or maybe you know that her skin tone needs a cream foundation when she is used to a powder foundation. You’re the professional, and your knowledge will translate if you explain compassionately. You can also use a camera to show her how her look will translate to pixels.


4- Make it FUN!

If your location allows it, offer a glass of champagne or some aromatherapy for her to relax and enjoy the experience! On the day of the wedding you can bring some blotting sheets and a small bottle of hairspray so she can maintain her look all night. A little something extra will go a long way in terms of recommending you to her friends!