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Four Fun Ways to Accessorize and Appreciate Your Bridesmaids!

Your bridesmaids are the ones who have stood by you through it all. Likely they are the women who know you best! Making your bridesmaids feel lovely and special on your wedding day is a great way to show them you appreciate everything they have done for you. One way you can do this is to provide something special for them to wear on your wedding day. Your ladies will not only feel beautiful, but they will be beautifully coordinated!

1- Gift your ladies with stunning floral arm bands to wear on the wedding day! These custom arm bands made by Bella Lu Floral are stunning. These would look fantastic for a spring or summer wedding! Bella Lu Floral can also create other beautiful, custom florals for your bridesmaids! Check out their availability on Gold Calendar by clicking their name!

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2- If your bridesmaids are all wearing the same color you can buy them matching earrings to wear on your big day. Who doesn’t love receiving jewelry? This can be a huge way to thank them if they spent a high dollar on the bridesmaids dresses you asked them to buy. If you are not big on earrings, take a look at some delicate bracelets or necklaces. Buying your bridesmaids a little something shiny to wear is a great way to help coordinate your styles.


3- If your wedding is during a chillier month, check out some shawls or shoulder covers for your bridesmaids! This will create coordination for your wedding photos, and will also prevent your bridesmaids from turning into popsicles!

4- Requiring your bridesmaids to wear an up-do? Give them lovely hair combs to dress up their locks! Just make sure that their hair is not more elaborate than the bride’s! For this look, Dazzling Hairdo’s added flowers to the hair comb. We love their stunning hair creations that embody elegance and femininity. For more options, you can also check out pearl combs, jewel combs, shell combs, or brass combs!



With perfectly accessorized bridesmaids, your wedding photos will be remarkable. But the best part will be the smiles on their faces knowing that you appreciate them, and are happy they are by your side!