Three Alternatives to Wedding Veils That You'll Love!

When I was eighteen my grandmother shared her wedding story with me. She had just graduated college and was excited to begin her life with her husband. Her dress was stunning (as far as the 1955 styles go), and the decor of the church was simple and lovely. Candles and white flowers lined the aisle. All of their family and friends were there, beaming smiles in every pew. Every aspect of her wedding day was perfect….except, on her way down the aisle her veil caught on fire. That’s right, HER VEIL CAUGHT ON FIRE ON HER WEDDING DAY. After hearing her story I determined to find a veil alternative so to avoid the off chance of being sprayed down with a fire extinguisher on my wedding day. Here are five beautiful alternative with low flammability!


1- Flower Crown

Flower crowns are perfect for any season wedding! Really, what is not to love? The colors are completely customizable, they look stunning in photos, and they can fit into ANY style wedding. We love this romantic flower crown designed by Lalé Florals. Lalé Florals created this crown to match the bride’s other ethereal foliage-filled design for her wedding! Her wedding was held at Blanc Denver, one of our favorite venues, and the florals are out of this world! Your flower crown can be as simple as a garland of eucalyptus framing your face, to a dramatic, flower-packed design!

If you love this crown as much as we do, check out Lalé Florals‘ Gold Calendar profile!


2- Head Bands

Head bands are an excellent choice if you want a nice accent piece. They can be simple and accentuate an up-do, such as this style by Erin Ferris Designs, or they can be bejeweled and bright. Erin Ferris Designs specializes in glam, and we love daydreaming about her incredible bejeweled styles! The best part about head bands is that they can be incorporated into any style, so you always have them as an option! You can even easily take it off before your reception so you don’t have to worry about it while dancing!



3- Metals

Metal hairpieces are elegant and come in a variety of styles.

  • Hair combs can be the perfect addition to an up-do! You can also consider using a hair comb to pull back one side of your hair. Hair combs can also be as simple or as dramatic as you like!
  • Tiaras are one of the most stunning alternatives to veils. If you want to feel like a queen on your wedding day, you will want a stunning headpiece.
  • Accent pieces such as the stunning look below add grace and beauty to your wedding look! Accent pieces can be made out of any material and are light on your head so you do not have to worry about disrupting your style while hugging relatives or dancing!
Image captured by Ashley Sawtelle. Making her brides look like queens, always. 

If you do not desire a veil on your wedding day, (or are as afraid of it getting caught on fire as I am), there are many lovely alternatives that fit into any season or style of wedding!