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"How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Photographer" with Laura Murray

We had the privilege of interviewing the remarkably talented Laura Murray. She is one of our most popular Colorado-based photographers! She gave us some great advice on how to find the perfect photographer for your most special day.
Laura Murray 3
We love the detailed images that Laura Murray captures.

1- It can be overwhelming to have so many photographers listed in one area. A few questions about narrowing down your options:

What is the first step in beginning to search for the perfect wedding photographer?  What is the most important thing about finding the perfect fit for a photographer, besides pricing and style?  What advice would you give to brides who are trying to decide what kind of style they want for their photographs?

First, I recommend for each couple to write out a few words describing your dream photographer — do you want someone that is fun and loud or would you prefer someone more quiet that captures the scene unnoticed?  Are you looking for a photographer who has experience at your particular venue?  Do you want someone that specializes in dramatic, moody portraiture or is your preference someone who has a softer and more romantic style?

Then, take a look at some websites and see whose work resonates with you — be sure to read their about page to see if their personality would mesh well with yours.  And, click through their social media pages, especially Instagram!

Pick 2-3 photographers with whom you would like to schedule a meeting to see if your personalities would compliment each other.  Personality is very important because you will often spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than any other person!