Large Guest List? Consider These Five Things!

How many friends and close ones do we gather over the course of our lives? Making a large guest list can be difficult if you and your partner have huge families or wide social circles. If you are planning on inviting over two hundred people, you’ll want to consider these five things in your initial planning process!


1- Your venue should be large enough for your guests.

After making your guest list, you’ll want to book your venue based on how much space you need. Be sure to visit the venue so you are not relying on photos to judge the amount of space you’ll be working with. If you and your partner are hyping up the dancing at your reception, be sure that the space is well ventilated! Many spaces can be stuffy and warm with so many people moving and shaking. Your makeup will thank you for the air conditioning when it is not running down your face.


Jamee Photography caught this amazing moment during a dancy reception!
Jamee Photography caught this amazing moment during a dancy reception! She is so great at being in the middle of of all the action to catch the very best shots! 

2- You can find ways to save.

In order to invite such a large amount of people, you may need to plan ways to save so you can get the best large venue or your choice caterer. A few ways that you can save, which really add up, are doing away with favors and save the date cards. You will already be sending out mass invitations! Sign up for an email list on your bridal website so you can send out reminders to all your guests. Sending stylized reminders online will help you save on all those stamps and envelopes, and will do the same job as save the date cards.


3- Make your own bars can be messy.

A do-it-yourself dessert bar is still a fantastic idea! However, if two hundred or more people are going through a buffet line to dish their own food, you’ll probably have a mess on your hands. Be conscious of the quickest way that you can feed two hundred people, and also what will be most effective so it does not look like a tornado blew through the venue!

4- Be sure to try to see everyone!

If the two-hundred-plus people you invited to your wedding mean a lot to you, you’ll need to plan a way to see most everyone who is attending! You can plan your wedding photos at a time that won’t interfere with mingling at cocktail hour. Similarly, you can plan a welcome party or have a large rehearsal dinner to accommodate those who travelled from out of town. Or you can arrange your tables in a way that makes it easy for you to walk around and effectively see all your guests.



The sweetest moment captured by Daylene Wilson at a wedding in the Malaga Spain Botanic Gardens!
The sweetest moment captured by Daylene Wilson at a wedding in the Malaga Spain Botanic Gardens! Daylene Wilson is a great destination photographer, and always captures the most amazing candid moments between couples!


5- Keep the energy up and moving.

A live band is excellent for huge weddings! Not only will it get the energy up and moving around, but it will also be entertaining for people who do not want to dance. Creating different stations for your guests to visit will also prevent people from clumping together in one place or sitting down for too long. Consider fun games like life-size Jenga or corn hole, a couple bar stations, an appetizer station or other fun ways to get guests walking around!


There are so many wonderful things about big weddings! Plenty of people who want to dance, loud laughter, and tons of stories. Your wedding planner can help you with even more advice on how to make throwing a large wedding as smoothly as possible!