Winter Wedding Tips with Organically You Events

Organically You Events was created by Gina Malefyt after she spent seven years in the non-profit industry. Although she had a passion for non-profit work, she felt inspired to use her creativity in a more specific way. Her creativity and warmth show up in all aspects of her planning, which is why we love her work! When asked about her inspiration in creating Organically You Events, she responded, “I have always been a creative, free-spirited sort of person and loved the idea of doing special events and getting to explore all kinds of design options.”
In addition to creating amazing work herself, Gina also collaborates with many other Gold Calendar vendors, and we love how connected she is to other talented Colorado artists and creatives. “It was also really important to me, that the company be based on integrity, great relationships, good work, and supporting local businesses.  It has been such a dream to work with so many amazing people and to be part of such special events.”
Her winter weddings are especially dreamy, and we jumped on an opportunity to interview her about how to plan for a perfect winter wedding. This is part one of our two-part interview!
Organically You Events collaborates with the best! Florals crafted by Bella Lu Floral. || Photography: Joni Schrantz
Organically You Events collaborates with the best! Florals: Bella Lu Floral || Photograph: Joni Schrantz


Gina offered three important tips for making sure your winter wedding runs smoothly regardless of inclement weather:

“1. Consider the comfort of your guests!  The weather can be really unpredictable no matter what part of the country you are in.  Consider location and how guests will get there.  Will they have to potentially drive in bad weather on tricky roads?  How far is the parking area from the event?  Plan to have valet if the guests may have to walk very far and someone to help guests with mobility issues, especially if it could be icy or snowing. You will be busy getting ready, taking pictures, and enjoying your day.  Make sure your guests are able to enjoy themselves as well. It does not hurt to have some yummy warm drinks, snacks, and maybe a cozy wrap to welcome them too!
2. Be thoughtful with your ceremony time.  It gets dark much earlier in the winter, so if you are hoping for great ceremony views out windows or in a backdrop, make sure your ceremony time is at least 1 hour before sunset.  On the other hand, if you are hoping for a candlelight ceremony, winter could be perfect!  It gives you the ability to have a ceremony still relatively early in the day, while allowing for a darker ambiance and plenty of time for dinner and dancing.
3. Make sure you have reliable transportation for the bridal party and family members.  I always suggest adding a little extra buffer into the wedding day timeline in the winter.  Weather often causes traffic problems, slower speeds, and could affect your entire day if road travel becomes an issue.  Along those same lines, I recommend you have a planner in place who can contact all your wedding day vendors with a backup route in the circumstance that roads are too hazardous or closed due to weather.”
The wedding party colors look so elegant in front of Union Station. || Zorn Photography
Love the black and white wedding party colors in front of Union Station. || Photograph: Zorn Photography

Hiring a wedding planner for your winter wedding will save you lots of stress if the weather is unpredictable. Be sure to follow Gina’s tips so your day is as worry-free as possible!