Winter Wedding Trends with Organically You Events

This is part two of our interview with the wonderfully talented Organically You Events! Organically You Events is a team of four innovative women, led by Gina Malefyt. We have been eyeing her winter wedding designs and are thrilled to interview her about the winter wedding trends that she is noticing this season.

Organically You Events is loving the minimalistic approach to design this winter wedding season, along with:

  • Lush greenery
  • Candlelight
  • Simple designs
  • Pops of bright color


This heavy foliage and candlelit sweetheart table is stunning. Florals: Bella Lu Floral || Photograph: Our Love is Loud


Along with the minimalistic approach, Gina says that, “We are seeing a big shift toward beautiful wood tables without any linens, but maybe some custom napkins for fun.” Decor is certainly giving a nod to great woodwork, which we are noticing in bare tables, ceremony arches, and wooden decorative installments.


For a winter wedding, decor is not the only important thing. “Couples are really interested in making sure their guests are comfortable and the atmosphere is set for a really great party, by providing quality food, good drinks, music, and lighting.” We love the coziness and warmth of winter weddings, and the decor of your venue can certainly amplify that warmth! Experiment with textures like different woods, fabrics, and metals to find what fits your relationship and gives your guests the warm feels.

We love this comfortable and sweet set up for the dessert table.
We love this comfortable and sweet set up for the dessert table.


Another important, yet often overlooked aspect of winter indoor weddings is the lighting! Organically You Events loves playing with the lighting of an event to create the perfect look for the bride and groom. “We love that couples are starting to realize the importance of great lighting for the overall feeling of the event.  We are seeing custom chandeliers, giant letters with globe lights, fire pit tables, and just cool lighting options everywhere.”


Florals: Bella Lu Floral || Photography: Joni Schrantz
These giant letters and colorful lighting are amazing! Florals: Bella Lu Floral || Photography: Joni Schrantz


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