Detailed Desserts (Some serious eye candy!)

You have just as many options choosing desserts as you do the rest of your wedding decoration! Here are four fabulous options with stunning details.


1- Painted cookies and macaroons 


Ruzecake macaroon copy
These painted cactus cookies and floral macaroons look too gorgeous to eat! Ruze Cake House is outta this world. Cactus photo: Bloguettes

Cookies and macaroons are an elegant dessert when they are hand painted! Hand painted desserts are a rising trend and open the door for complete customization! Hand painted designs will tie your dessert into your wedding theme. You can choose detailed designs, such as these delightful treats by Ruze Cake House, or you can go for an ombré or watercolor design! The detail makes your wedding aesthetic absolutely elegant.


2- Cake pops

Cake pops can be formed into any kind of custom shape! Instead of bringing out slices of cake for your guests, consider unique cake pops that fit your theme! You can place a tray on each table, or gift one per guest on a delicate plate with ice cream. Decorating cake pops can be just as detailed and artistic as a traditional decorated wedding cake. The sky is not even the limit!

  • Flower shaped
  • Silver and Gold gilded
  • Ice cream cone shaped
  • Fruit shaped
  • Unicorn or animal shaped

3- Tarts

We love this beautiful tart, made by Yours Truly Cupcake! It looks adorable and delicious!

Who knew that just changing up the crust could take a tart to the next level of cuteness? Mini pies and tarts look more elegant on a plate than a triangle slice. Customize the crust into star or heart shapes to make each pastry unique and special made for your guests.


4- Artful Cakes

This cake is true art! By Wildflower Cake Boutique in Denver! We love their use of texture and color on all of their cakes.


Of course, if you want a cake, but with more of a custom luxury vibe, you have endless options! Who can forget the geode cakes that were circulating the internet months ago? Cakes are sculpted, painted, and adorned just like edible statues.


If you’re not already swooning from these bright and fun desserts, check out Wildflower Cake Boutique and Yours Truly Cupcake on Gold Calendar! They may be available for your wedding day!