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We Love Dark & Sultry Winter Weddings!

Designing a sultry and romantic wedding with dark colors, without crossing the line into goth and vampy, is easy! What better time to experiment with dark toned decor, makeup, and fabrics than when the pines are capped with snow. These darker tones include gem tones (such as emerald, ruby, sapphire), deep plum, or even black! These tones, especially the deep purple and red tones, evoke imagery of royalty and class. We have five moody looks that you can plug into your winter wedding decor to boost the romance.


1- Why wear white? We love when brides branch out and wear unique styles. This ethereal bridal shoot in the Rocky Mountains proves the elegance of a dark wedding dress. She looks like a queen! Want to stand out in your wedding photos? Just imagine your dark and elegant silhouette against a backdrop of bright snow. Brumley & Wells styled this incredible shoot, and may be available for your wedding day as well!


This bride looks like a queen! || Styled by Brumley & Wells
This dark hue amplifies the elegance of the fabric! || Styled by Brumley & Wells

2- Other decorative fabrics such as linens, napkins and drapes add romance to the decor. There are plenty of fun and edgy winter color palettes to use with fabrics. When using accent darks such as gem-toned emerald or ruby, the decor gets just the amount of dark it requires without turning vampy. Use an emerald table runner on a bare wood to add just the right amount of moody vibe, or try a deep sapphire tone draped on the dessert table.


We love this simple black linen underneath the plates. Check out the rest of this wedding to see the grooms' other dark decor by Ali Fortunato. || Photo: Michelle Hart
We love this simple black linen underneath the plates. Check out the rest of this wedding to see the grooms’ other dark decor by Ali Fortunato. || Photo: Michelle Hart


3. Desserts are another excellent way to add some unique color to your decor. Many artisanal cake companies can design the frosting to be any color you desire! Marbled cakes are a trend that we have been loving. They mix traditional white tower-layers with a marbled effect in a darker color. A white and black or a white and dark blue marbled cake would look divine on a dark linen decorating the dessert table! Another more traditional option is going for dark frosting. Consider a deep sapphire blue cake with wine colored florals topping the layers. That’s a classy dessert!


4. Moody florals are stunning. We absolutely love anemone’s, gerbera, dahlia’s (if you can get them during the season), ranunculus, and pine boughs for hearty winter arrangements. This sultry arrangement by Prema is the quintessence of a moody winter arrangement. We are always awe-inspired by the incredible arrangements they design, and the way they wove these dark shades into this arrangement is magic.

Check out Prema, the Denver-based company that created this dreamy arrangement, on Gold Calendar to check next year's availability!
Check out Prema, Denver-based and incredibly talented, on Gold Calendar to check next year’s availability!


5. Furniture pieces are a great way to integrate romantic shades into your reception venue.  If your reception location has a lounge area or any spare space, you can easily fill it with dark-upholstered couches or chairs. Not only will they look classy in photos, but guests will also have other places besides their tables to gather and chat.


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