Interview with Top Wedding Planners A Touch of Bliss! (Pt. 1)

This interview is for the bride who wants to carefully plan every catering, venue, and decor decision so her wedding is unique, personal, top quality, and well priced. Adrienne Coffey, the owner of A Touch of Bliss Events, manages a team of eight women, all of whom have exceptional taste and experience. Since 1999, the company has been working with clients to make their wedding dreams a reality (with little stress to the engaged couple).  A Touch of Bliss is well-connected and can recommend talented and professional vendors to help you design your wedding. They walk you through the planning every step of the way–from booking a venue to coordinating the day of the wedding. For this particular interview, we borrowed Adrienne’s expert opinions to bring you advice on how to make the most of your wedding venue!


The perfect time of day during the perfect season of the year with your perfect someone.
Everyone hopes to be as stress-free and happy as this couple on their wedding day!

1- What are the most important things about a venue to assess before beginning to plan decoration?

At A Touch of Bliss, we like to begin working with couples before they secure their perfect venue so we can assist them in considering all the options and logistics that go into each venue. The most important thing to decide is what you want your wedding to feel like- casual, formal, funky?

When standing in a venue space, begin to imagine you and fiancé there on the wedding day. What does it look like? What do you feel like? We take your most grand dreams and piece together everything from there to ensure it fits within the look of the space and your budget.

When we get down to the details, we look at the features and restrictions of the venue- are the ceilings high enough to hang things; what space do we need to block off for our entertainment and dinner; can we utilize the walls or candles?

The most important thing is to always keep in mind what your original vision and dream for the day is!

Can you believe this backdrop?! Those groomsmen cast some tall shadows.
Can you believe this cermony backdrop?! Those groomsmen cast some tall shadows.


2- What is the most common design blunder that you see when it comes to not getting the most out of a venue?

We often see couples spend most their budget up front without considering the details that come at the end. With a stunning venue, you don’t want to lose the WOW factor by leaving the things out that make it your wedding. Place brain twister games on each table, make bar signs for your signature drinks, let your guests know what they eating with menu cards, or add photos of you and your fiancé throughout the room. Make a list of what you like to do as a couple or what makes you unique and find a way to incorporate those things into the day!


In love with these hanging pink florals.
In love with these hanging pink florals. Everything they touch is gold.


A Touch of Bliss Events helps over 100 couples each year plan their perfect wedding. This means that if you were inspired by their advice and dreamy photos, you might want to jump on checking their availability on Gold Calendar!