One of Our Gold Calendar Employees Got Engaged! Here is how she plans on using Gold Calendar

When Brett Owens planned our first date I knew that he was someone who would greatly impact my life. He woke up early on the day of our first date and picked a bundle of flowers that he tied together with white string. It was a hot summer, and when we have enough rain here in Colorado, wildflowers can’t be controlled.

He picked me up and took me to a park with looming, shading trees. He spread out a blanket and opened up an old, antique suitcase he brought with him. Out of the suitcase came a formal display of plates and mason jars filled with all the necessary ingredients for pb&j’s. Taking note of my favorite bottled lemonade, he presented it along with all the other darling side snacks.

We lay on the blanket, absorbing the sun rays, and looked through a Where’s Waldo book that he brought with him for us to look through. I was charmed by how thoughtful he was, and how he intentionally planned a spectacular first date to show his sincere interest. (Did I mention that he also made a playlist for us to listen to just for our first date?!)

We started dating a few weeks later (after a night of making fancy pasta and listening to a Nat King Cole vinyl), and now we are over three and a half years into our story.

I began working for Gold Calendar last August, and I am so excited to personally use Gold Calendar to help us plan our wedding! As the Content Curator, I am constantly looking through our vendors’ stunning images so I can promote them. Now I get to experience Gold Calendar’s services for myself!


BrettDana 3


Huge thanks to Chris Mueller Photography for capturing the best moments of our relationship so far!

Brett and I had dinner plans with one of our favorite couples, so I got dressed up (they’re a fancy couple) and finished getting ready just as he arrived to pick me up. After we hopped into his car, he felt around his seat and said that he left his wallet at home. We only live a few blocks away, so of course it was no big deal to turn around and make a quick trip! At his house, I asked him if he wanted me to come in with him or wait in the car. He told me that he had some new essential oils for me to smell. (He owns his own small batch candle business, so it’s pretty common that he lures me inside with new scented oils.)

He lead me inside his dark house, and I immediately noticed warm light accompanying soft music spilling out of the dining room. Soft lights were strung from every wall, casting the warmest light on photos of all our best memories posted around the room. The dining room table was adorned with memories from our first date, including the same jelly that we had on our pb&j’s and the Where’s Waldo book that we perused in the sun.

After he asked me to marry him we stayed in that cozy room and just talked about all of the exciting things that we have yet to experience together. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and personal proposal.

BrettDana 2

Now that we are engaged, we are planning on using Gold Calendar to help us find the perfect vendors for our wedding! I am already quite familiar with many of our talented vendors, but it is such a joy sharing them all with Brett. As we continue to plan our wedding I will be sharing the experience of using Gold Calendar as a guide and an indispensable tool.