Finding a Venue with Gold Calendar in UNDER Two Minutes

Ah, the first stages of wedding planning–finding a venue and a date.¬†Everyone keeps telling me that finding a venue is the most stressful stage of planning. Thankfully, I have a great tool for finding luxury venues on the date of my choice! I thought that it would be a great idea to make a quick video to show just how easy it was for me to find a venue for my wedding day using Gold Calendar.


Why I am using Gold Calendar to find venues (besides because I work for them):

-I know that all of the venues that Gold Calendar supports are high-quality

-The location feature is incredibly helpful

-There are other filters that I can use to narrow down venues by price and capacity size

-My time is valuable, and this took UNDER two minutes


An amazing shot of Cottonwood Glen by Brumley & Well's Photography
An amazing shot of Cottonwood Glen by Brumley & Wells Photography