Why I Chose Emily Sacco for my Wedding Photos

During my time at Gold Calendar perusing through our top-notch vendors, I came across plenty of photographers whose photography made my heart swoon with their stunning images. The photographers whom I found through Gold Calendar were all sweet as pie and incredibly talented. I could browse through wedding photo galleries for hours!

Ultimately my fiancé and I decided to proceed with Emily Sacco! After I contacted Emily through her website, she called me to gather more information on my relationship with Brett, our wedding ideas, and the vendors that we already have booked. Talking with her was so pleasant and felt like catching up with an old friend. Finding wedding vendors can be quite intimidating, but she certainly has a way of putting her clients at ease.

I’d love to share some of her photos and discuss what I love about her photography and why we wanted her to capture all of our most special moments on our wedding day!

Every detail is placed out so thoughtfully!
Every detail is placed out so thoughtfully!


Emily is great at capturing the details that express a wedding’s overall aesthetic. It is evident that she works with some very artistic and thoughtful couples. Throughout her galleries you can find photos of delicate linens, unique textured metals, vibrant foliage and expansive backdrops. All of the details come together as a mosaic to complete the wedding as a whole portraiture.

Depths of emotion, all contained in this glance.
Depths of emotion, all contained in this glance.

Emily is a ninja at capturing all of the genuine, heartfelt glances and smiles during in-between moments. A masterful photographer does not put down the camera when the couple stops posing. I love all of the spontaneous laughs, the heart warming glances, and the silly looks that Emily captures. All of the in-between moments truly express the authentic love that couples feel for each other.


Fine Art

We knew that we wanted a fine art photographer, which is right up Emily‘s alley! Once you start looking for a photographer, you’ll want to decide on the style of photography you want. There are tons to choose from, including documentary, editorial, fine art, lifestyle, classic, and cinematic. We knew from the start that we wanted a fine art style, and ever since I laid eyes on Emily‘s work, I have loved the class and elegance of her subjects.


Emily has worked at the venue that we have booked. It can be so helpful to hire a photographer who is familiar with other vendors you are working with. I am excited to work with a wedding photographer who knows the layout of my wedding venue and who has experienced the lighting and structure before working on my wedding day.



Ultimately, this is the wedding shoot that made me decide that Emily was the perfect photographer for our wedding. When picturing our wedding photos, I couldn’t get this wedding gallery out of my head. The fine art aesthetic, the tones in the photos, the depth of field–everything about the shoot was how I had ben picturing our wedding photos. If you are looking for a photographer, my advice is to find a style that you love and search for photographers with the same aesthetic.

Aside from her photos being stunning, Emily has:

  • excellent communication skills
  • multiple photography packages to choose from
  • given great recommendations for other vendors
  • truly takes the time to understand her clients

Take a look at her other galleries and inquire about her availability today!