Humanitarian Honeymoons

The newest wedding fad that we can totally get behind? Humanitarian honeymoons!! Taking a honeymoon where you have the opportunity to volunteer is a truly special way to enter into a marriage. While starting your life with your person, you can make a substantial impact in an area of the world you both value. This idea is not new, in fact, it has been spreading like wildfire in the last couple years! Mostly due to the changing ideals with the millennial generation, newly married couples not only want to get out and travel, but do more!

Different Ideas for Couples 

There are so many different ways to give back through your honeymoon, or “Mission Moon” as many people have taken to calling it. This could range from committing to only stay in places and do activities that are dedicated to fair treatment of people, wildlife and the environment to building a school or home for orphans to simply spending a day preserving a hiking trail at home before you jet off to the Bahamas. Looking for a tropical getaway and care about animals? Good thing these two often go hand in hand! Go to Hawaii or Costa Rica and have fun in the sun while helping animals you deeply care for. For real couple’s examples of Humanitarian Honeymoons, check out this article from Brides Magazine.

MissionMoon - Humanitarian Honeymoon
Ugandan “Mission Moon” by Elizabeth Shores of Untapped Shores

Resources for Couples

There are many different websites that couples can use a guide. is a website that matches people looking to volunteer to nonprofits with a range of different causes ranging form animals to children to environment to health! Different organizations simply post a listing about an opportunity and you can browse through them. When you find one you both would love, contact the organization and starting making your plans! Honeymoon Volunteers is a website specifically dedicated to couples looking to volunteer during the course of their trip, the have opportunities in Latin America, Asia and Africa ranging from Belize to Nepal! Hands Up Holidays blends luxury travel, site seeing and volunteering in one amazing trip! They provide specialists to help you plan your trip for “honeyteering”. Elevated Designations is another company for travelers looking to combine a luxury vacation with hands-on volunteer opportunities. Looking to take a longer trip to really give back? Check out i-to-i which allows you to travel abroad and teach English while changing lives, broadening your horizons and creating stories that will last a lifetime.

Humanitarian Honeymoon
Couples enjoying time on a safari by Juan Gaguotz and in a jungle by Rachel Angela Photography


Now, you don’t get a honeymoon for free out of this. Most organizations that support humanitarian honeymoons expect you to pay for your travel and other expenses you may incur. If you need some financial assistance to cover your trip, you can set up a Honeyfund account. Couples can open an account and ask their wedding guests to donate money instead of giving a tangible gift. Also, these organizations do not plan their projects around your wedding date, have a flexible schedule can help you and your significant other truly have the best experience for you both. One of the most important aspects is to thoroughly research the program and place you will be going. Know what you are getting into so when you arrive with an open mind and can do attitude, you will have a wonderful time!


No matter what you and the love of your life decide upon for your honeymoon, a humanitarian honeymoon is an excellent way to start a loving, compassionate marriage!

Humanitarian Mission Moon Honeymoon
Elizabeth Shores of Untapped Shores