Food Tastings: 5 Questions to Ask

The food tasting–one of the most exciting days during wedding planning. This is a day to fast breakfast and savor every course. Your wedding is all about YOU and YOUR relationship, but it is always great to take your guests and their dietary needs into account. We compiled a list of questions to ask during your food tasting to be sure that all of your bases are covered!


We featured a couple menu items from Three Tomatoes Grille because their appetizers and entrees are all mouthwatering! Three Tomatoes Grille is a Denver-based catering company with a wide variety of catering options. They can prepare (to perfection) anything from upscale barbecue to a lavish sit-down multi-course meal. We are especially in love with their unique appetizers!


A unique take on steak and eggs by Three Tomatoes Catering!
A unique take on steak and eggs by Three Tomatoes Grille!


1 ) Can your menu accommodate allergies?

Dairy-free? Gluten-free? You’ll want to get a good idea of how many guests at your wedding are vegetarian, vegan, or have other major dietary restrictions. You’ll never be able to please everybody, but there are some ways you can switch up your menu to make sure that everyone has enough dishes that they can eat. For example, if your family loves steak or chicken, but you have many vegetarian friends attending, you can choose a meaty entree and select all other plant-based appetizers and sides! Your caterer can absolutely help you figure out how to plan around allergies or food preferences.

2 ) Do you have a separate kids menu?

Have a ton of little ones as wedding guests? Before your food tasting you can ask your caterer if they have a kids menu that you can also sample. You can also ask your caterer if they can strip down some of the dishes for kids under 10-12.


This would be an incredible option for a summer menu!
This would be an incredible option for a summer menu!


3 ) Alcohol recommendations with the dishes?

If you are serving alcohol at your wedding you may want to ask what wine or beer pairings they would recommend with their dishes. This will be a great resource for you to provide the best possible dining experience for your guests! You can even go as far as asking what local wine or beers they would recommend as pairings. Everyone loves a local touch to wedding plans.

4 ) Can we bring home wedding leftovers?

If you’re nervous about wasting food, you can ask your vendor if boxing up leftovers is possible. Many caterers are happy to send guests home with leftovers, especially if that means they will be talking about their meal for days afterwards.

5 ) Can we create an additional menu for late night snacks?

Planning on having all night dancing at your wedding? Work with your caterer to create a late night appetizer menu for after dinner and dessert! Keep your guests’ energy up all night long!


Mini peach cobblers?! We're in heaven.
Mini peach cobblers?! We’re in heaven.


Aside from all of these questions, don’t be afraid to ask your caterer if they can change up your menu! It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for a dish with no onions or veggie substitutions.