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Interview with Celebrations Event Planning on the Perfect Day of Coordinator! pt. 1

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pam at Celebrations Event Planning about finding the perfect day of coordinator. Stuck on whether or not a coordinator is worth the cost? Have no idea what aspects is the most important to focus on? What kind of experience matters? Well read below to know how to start the process to ensure your day of coordinator will allow your dream to come through and relieve some of that stress!

First and foremost, what advice would you give to a bride who is considering whether or not to hire a day-of coordinator? 

I would say find a coordinator who fits your personality and who also has some great systems in place to maintain all the details needed in the long planning process. The benefits of hiring a planner way exceed any fee you will pay for them. I tell all my clients….you will never spend this much money on a party again, so you want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest!

You don’t want to spend your wedding morning setting up the venue.  You don’t want the staff running to you when the ice sculpture falls and they don’t know what to do. You don’t want to keep looking at your watch to see if you need to move onto the next point in the reception (i.e. first dance).

You want to be able to talk with your guests and enjoy the evening knowing all the details are being taken care of. And at the end of the evening, you don’t want to be cleaning up after everyone – you want to get into a limo and drive away! Bottom line….in the overall cost of the wedding, the money spent on a coordinator pays for itself!

When a bride is looking into a day-of coordinator, what are the most important aspects she should focus on in order to pick the right planner? 

In picking the right planner, you want to look for someone that has a great plan to keep all the details organized not only for themselves, but for you. Couples will plan up to a year in advance and over the course of the year, details will change and when the wedding day approaches, you want to make sure that all the correct details are in place and not forgotten. 

How important is it for a day-of planner to have experience with past events in the same venue? 

As far as experience in the same venue, I don’t feel that it is that important. If you have good systems in place then you can run a wedding anywhere. It is all about staying organized and paying attention to details. I have set up a tent in the middle of an empty field to run a wedding reception including catering and DJ as well as run a wedding in a hotel ball room. Regardless of the setting, the same points need to be met and if you have a plan in place, everything will run smoothly.

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Event by Celebrations Photo by Hyde Park Photography
Event by Celebrations Photo by Hyde Park Photography