How to Throw a Child-Free Wedding

Throwing a kid-free wedding can be quite tricky. If you don’t want to alienate or upset your friends who are parents, we have some tips and tricks for you to un-invite those kiddos as gracefully as possible.

Children are such a joy, and having children as a part of your wedding or at your wedding can be a wonderful multi-generational experience. However, if your guest list is limited, if the space is tight, or if you’re having your reception location at a nice bar or restaurant, you may want to consider politely telling your guests that your hosting an adult-only wedding. Having a kid-free wedding also does not mean that you don’t like kids!

Portrait by Laura Murray Photography.
Portrait by Laura Murray Photography


Make sure your wishes are clear in your invitations and on your wedding website. Somewhere on the detail card for your wedding, be sure to say that your wishes are for an adult-only wedding. You can say this in a number of polite and tactful ways:

“We are hoping for this to be an adult-only wedding! Please see our wedding website for childcare options.”

“We have reserved ___seats in your honor”

“While we love kiddos, we would like this to be an adults-only day!”

However you decide to state your wishes, be sure to give your guests ample time to figure out their childcare situation! Also be sure to address the invitations to ONLY who is invited. (I.E. Mr. & Mrs. Smith instead of Smith Family)


Planning a babysitter for children under a certain age is one of the most considerate ways to keep your wedding adult-only. Gold Calendar’s favorite babysitting service is Front Range NanniesFront Range Nannies has been specializing in temporary, on-call, and part-time nanny placements since 2004. They are well-connected and every employee is carefully screened. Your guests will know that their children are in great hands, as every employee must have current CPR and first-aid certifications. Additionally, a private investigative agency conducts background checks on every employee that they place which includes a criminal background check.

If you decide to provide a childcare service, direct your guests to your wedding website, where you can provide additional information.


If you want a child-free wedding, but don’t think your guests will go for it, you can reserve a special room for the children if your venue has the space.  Maybe your venue has a side cottage, or a game room. This is the perfect place for the little ones to run around and have fun while your parent friends can enjoy a good time at the main party. Hire a reasonable ratio of adults to children to watch them in the side room so you know they are safe and entertained during your wedding.


Unfortunately, not everyone will understand why you may decide not to invite children to your wedding. But that’s okay because it’s YOUR wedding! If you are nervous about making your wishes known, you can talk to a parent friend who is understanding and ask them for help with wording. Also, don’t be offended if some of your guests are unable to attend due to your adult-only policy.