Uniquely Awesome Ideas for Guest Books!

Not all of us want a simple guest book, especially when it comes to millennial couples. We all want something that is unique, interesting and special – not to mention that probably goes along with our theme! There are so many cute, special ways to get the sweet, heartfelt notes from your guests and not have them go in a book, in a box in the corner of a closet never to be opened again.

Game Boards

Really want to be a family that is locked and loaded for family game night? Make some of those games extra special by making them your guest book! Get a woodent puzzle made with one of your favorite photos of the two of you and leave the the back blank. Guests can sign special notes on the back. There are also custom Jenga games you can get with your names or wedding date people can sign. Or buy some of your favorite games and have people leave notes around the board.

First Photo by Kelly Ewell Photography Second Photo by AbbuToys
First Photo by Kelly Ewell Photography Second Photo by AbbuToys

Art for Your House

There are literally so many different ways you can get some amazing art for your new home together in the form of a guest book at your wedding. You can get something printed that has to do with you and your significant other that has a white background and people can sign – hang it up when you get home! This can be a print of your finger prints, heart beats or silhouettes.

You can make different items for people to sign you want to use or hang, take a quilt or wooden design of your state or something you both love like the mountains. A quilt can be treated so the signatures cannot come off and are perfect for your many future movie nights! Rustic woodwork looks great in any home – especially with wonderful notes written on it.

Make art out of what the guests do – there are a few different ways you can do this. Make a piece of artwork with notes that people fill out. This will require you to make them a certain shape – make them balloons and glue them onto a painting of you and your boo releasing them or snowflakes falling in the mountains. You can also have your guests make art at the wedding! Give them some paint and have them use their thumbprint to give a tree leaves, a peacock feathers or an elephant some balloons.

Sign Something Cool

There are many different items you can have guests sign that are way better than just a simple guest book. Repurpose wine bottles from wedding and have people sign them to give you a “message in a bottle”. Have guests sign some new decor for you house whether it be a globe, records to display, ornaments for Christmas or river rocks to put on display. Or have them sign something you both love like skis, a lifesaver or your new family picnic table.

First Photo by K & K Photography and Second Photo by James and Schulze
First Photo by K & K Photography and Second Photo by James and Schulze

Prompt them with Cuter, Better Notes

It can be hard for people to come up with something to say, so help them out! Lay out cute postcards and a little “mailbox” for them to “send” you a card! Put out a dictionary and have people circle and write a note about a word in the dictionary that reminds them of you guys or advice for you! Give them a guided note where they can fill in where they traveled from, how long they’ve known you, favorite memory of you or the couple, date night ideas and, of course, advice! You can also print out cards with different questions for people to answer like how to solve fights, what to name your first dog, where the best places for a family vacation are and whatever else you wanna know! Want to have more fun? Make a mad libs card and have some laughs with what people come up with!

Other ways to Give you Cute Notes

Half of getting a guest book that will continue to mean something is how it is presented. If you do want everyone to come up with a sweet little note, here are some other ideas. Make a cute frame with envelopes title one to thirty and have people put in advice for you to open each year on your anniversary for thirty years. Glue little envelopes in a scrape book and leave notes people can fill out and put into the envelops in the book. This is a great way to keep, display and look through them! If you want more of a scrap book, leave out supplies and polaroid camera. One pic per group, tape into book and leave advice, ideas or note. Put out a bucket and have people contribute items to your “bucket list”. Or, finally, embrace the age of technology and have people record a video to you guys on an iPad and make them all a video after!

First Photo by Elisabeth Millay Photography and Second Photo by Erin Kunkel Photography
First Photo by Millay & Young Photography and Second Photo by Erin Kunkel Photography