Great Tips for Picking Your Perfect Wedding Videographer

Not everyone chooses to have a videographer on their special day, but they can really add an amazing element to your event. A wedding video can help capture the magicalness of your big day that photos just can’t. Gone are the days where huge clunky cameras ruin the ambiance, small digital cameras allow videographers to be discreet and really capture unique, special moments.

We can all remember hilarious videos from America’s Funniest Home Videos of “point-and-shoot” videographers filming everything and then sticking it on a VHS tape. Sure they captured some good moments, got some people saying something funny as advice to the camera (let’s not do this anymore – instead do a creative guest book that will matter so much more!) – but it was kinda boring and not fun to watch. With advancements in technology there has also been advancements in the standard, quality and norm of having a great wedding video. Find someone who has a drone and get absolutely amazing aerial shots! Instead of basically documenting your day, your wedding video should be an artistic capture of your day, full of creativity and warmth.

Arden & Brock from byDesign Films on Vimeo.

To find your perfect videographer, get recommendations, watch their videos and meet them to make sure you have a good vibe. Watch a few of their wedding videos the whole way through, not just whatever they put together to hook the clients in the highlight reel. There is also a vast world out there full of reviews, it is always worth looking on at least three sites what people have to say about vendors. Most important is that you feel comfortable with them and are sure they can discreetly be there with your guests, capturing the magic in the background. You also want to make sure the style of the videographer matches that of yourself and your photographer. Having a video vastly contradict the style of the photos could be a mess. They are just as important as all the other vendors in your wedding, ensure to treat them that way.

Jenna and Eddie – San Francisco City Hall – Theatrical Trailer from Rob Adams Films on Vimeo.

Ensure that your contract lays out how long videographers will be at the event, what they will be filming and general shots you want. Lay out your general plan before hand so you can let the artist take over and you don’t have to worry about micromanaging when you should be celebrating.For a truly amazing film that artistically captures your day, expect to spend between $3,00 to $10,000. These videographers spend around 30 to 60 hours editing your wedding, artfully arranging the best scenes into a comprehensive, fun-to-watch film. Just like everything, you pay for what you get.

Stefano & Aparna – Highlight Film from Amor In Motion on Vimeo.