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Best Ideas for Favors Guests Actually Want

Favors. Gone are the days where bubbles with a fake veil will cut it for wedding favors. No one wants your monogrammed Mr&Ms or a little bag of candy. The major question when it comes to weddings is what will make it worth it. What makes the energy, time and money worth it as a wedding favor? The sentiment behind favors is lovely, thanking people for making the trip to celebrate your love. But giving them garbage does not convey your thanks.

Items for Keeps.

This is my favorite category for favors. I think you can do items people can keep in a classy way that people will actually keep with them to remember your day and your love. There are a lot of options for these types of gifts: decorated wine/beer glasses, personalized bottle openers, a cute wine bottle stopper or chic coasters. I love the drink themed favors because it is a great thing to use during the ceremony and something many people cannot have “too many” of.

Other items that are great for keeps that are not “age appropriate”. These types of favors can range from “don’t be blinded by our love” shades, cups (like chic mason jars), fall themed soaps or candles or a nice deck of cards. These are also items people love to use and can be appropriate for guests of all ages. If you are inviting more people under the age of 21, it might be better to go this route.

First photo by Flower Dale Valley Second photo by Meaghan Willis & Kelly Ginn | Photographer

First photo by Flower Dale Valley Second photo by Meaghan Willis & Kelly Ginn | Photographer

Items for Eats.

I am never opposed to giving out delicious items to eat! Who doesn’t love a delicious truffle, assorted delightful candies, “mint to be” mints, cakepops, mini-drinks (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) or whatever strikes your fancy! You can also give people fun assortments where they make a food item, like a s’more kit or a make your own mojito kit. Be as punny as you want with these desserts and bring together some of your unique couple flair.

First Photo by @alisonmargophotography and @noteworthychocolates Second Photo by @joyandco.events Third Photo by photosfromhart

First Photo by Alison Margo Photography and Noteworthy Chocolates
Second Photo by Joy and co Events Third Photo by Photos From the Harty 

Items for Freaks.

Just give people something cool that you and your partner think encompass your love, and make it “freaky”! Have fun with your favors and give people some unique trinket. My favorite trinkets I’ve seen are: “two peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers, heart shaped measuring spoons, a theme appropriate cheeseboard and spreader or a vintage typewriter! This is where you can just give people a present cause you love them.


photo by Beau Coup

Items that are Deep.

Give favors that will help you remember and celebrate the day. Make a donation to a charity in someone’s name or for a charity you and your partner really care about. Have single use cameras around at all of the tables so you can develop them later and see unique perspectives of your big day.