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Small Touches to Increase Guest Comfort

Appeasing guests and thinking through all the issues they may have is the main reason you get a wedding planner. There are so many aspects to weddings we simply do not think about. One of the most important aspects of the wedding is not the décor or food, but maximizing your guests overall comfort.


Tips Relating to Weather.

First you need to consider the season of your wedding. If it is in the hot summer months, you need to make sure to have adequate air circulation and cold beverages. Put of fans, consider making your favor a personal fan and have water or lemonade stations with ice located all around the venue. It can also be advantageous to have extra shade and seating areas for guests to rest under while they socialize and wait for the day’s events to unfold.

If you are having your wedding in one of the brisker months of the year you need to provide different amenities. Things to consider are heating lamps, blankets and bug spray. If you have an outdoor area in your reception and live somewhere prone to mosquitos, make your lighting out there citronella candles to keep with the elegance of the night, and save your guests from being bugged.


Tips Relating to Children.

Possibly the most important for many guests, have activities which keep children occupied. Easy ways to do this is to have kid activity areas inside and outside (if you are having an outdoor wedding). Outside, give kids access to fun games like soccer, Frisbee or jump rope. Inside, give them crafts and board games. If the kids are still restless, think of involved crafts or desserts they can make, like assembling some legos or making s’mores! The more distracted children are, the less they fight leading to more happy guests!


Tips for the People.

There are many different little items you can provide not pertaining to body temperature and children. First, and most obvious, purchase flip-flops for women to change into if you are having your wedding on uneven ground or at the dance floor to avoid broken ankles and stomped on feet. On your RSVP cards, ask guests to write down one song they would like to hear to help you with your wedding play list. This does some work for you! If you are worried about some of the tables, give them some icebreaker games to inspire socializing and give them common ground. Finally, make sure you have enough restrooms. This is important and worth bringing in luxury portapotties if need be.